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Kitchen and Bath Marketing – how to use lead magnets to find prospects

lead magnetsDo you need leads?  The best way to get new leads is with a lead magnet.

What are lead magnets?

Let me give you a few examples:

  • It’s free guide, A Guide to Planning a New Kitchen
  • It’s a free  tip sheet, 7 Common Missteps When Planning a New Kitchen
  • It’s a free how-to report, 10 Simple Steps to Your Dream Kitchen

It’s all kinds of informational reports, ebooks, white papers, cheat sheets, tutorials and much more.

(For my marketing business, the Kitchen & Bath Handbook shown above is my lead magnet.)

What makes them a magnet?

Simple.  Lead magnets are developed around a need, or a problem, or a challenge your target prospects are facing.  They provide answers to common questions they may have.  They make you look like an expert.  And while a lead magnet doesn’t completely solve the problem, it does get things started.

People who have the need, problem or challenge will respond and request the free guide, tip sheet or how-to report.  And when they do, they become leads.

A lead magnet is what direct marketers call a “soft” offer – meaning an offer designed to generate high response even if many of the responses come from people who just like to collect information.

Where do you use lead magnets?

Pretty much everywhere.  Lead magnets may be used in your print ads, Google ads, direct mailers, email, at home shows and of course, on your website.  Here are some examples:

In your Print Ads In your Direct Mail On your Website
lead magnet in ad oxford lead magnet lead magnet - M&K.2PNG


Could your business use a lead magnet?

If you would like a lead magnet to help you generate leads for your business, call us and let’s talk about what would work for you. Let’s set up a quick call so we can work you through the process.

  • We’ll create a lead magnet specifically for you.
  • We’ll show you a few different formats – a multiple report, an ebook, a brochure format
  • We’ll present a variety of lead magnet concepts for you – helpful tips, mistakes to avoid, guide to pricing, etc.
  • We’ll write and design the entire lead magnet – with your input.
  • We’ll revise it until you’re happy with the finished product.
  • We’ll deliver it to you in a pdf format for easy distribution.
  • We’ll provide you with printed versions if you want.
  • We’ll provide the artwork you need to promote your lead magnet in various media or marketing channels.

Pricing with options

Lead magnets start at $1,995 for a 4-panel brochure format.  This would be custom developed for you and you only.

However, we understand not every small business can afford to have their own custom-made lead magnet.

So if you need a lower cost option,  we can create custom lead magnet for your geographic market area only.

Learn more about our marketing programs

To learn more, request a FREE 30-minute Marketing Strategy Session or download our FREE K&B Marketing Handbook.  Or contact Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643 or

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