Kitchen and Bath Lead Follow-up

Don’t let those hard-earned sales leads fall through the cracks

If you are using lead generation, you also need lead follow-up.

Most leads don’t convert into customers right away.  Most take many weeks or months before they are ready to buy.  With a consistent lead follow-up program in place, you can be sure your business will remain top-of-mind when those leads decide to make a decision.


Stay in touch and nurture those leads

The division of responsibility used to be very clear.  Marketing was in charge of generating the lead.  Sales was in charge of following up.

That still exists in some companies today.  But in most organizations, the roles have overlapped.

Today, marketing is actively involved in the lead follow-up process.

Thanks to the availability of email, marketing has the ability to stay in touch with all leads throughout the sales process.  This helps to ensure consistent contact with all leads – regardless of what the sales people are doing.

We offer two lead follow up programs

  • a short-term email campaign designed to quickly solidify the relationship with new leads
  • a long-term email campaign that continues to reach your leads over many months or years.

Short-Term Lead Follow-Up

This is typically a series of emails that go out to new prospects on a pre-arranged schedule.  The goal is to build upon the new relationship with a series of messages designed to connect with the prospect.  These emails are pre-scheduled and delivered automatically over a 1-2 month period.

Single track vs. multi-track emails. 

Single track emails are used when one series of emails works for all new incoming leads.  Multi–track emails are needed when you have different messages for different products or services you offer – or if you want to different emails for later stages in the sales process.

Long-Term Lead Follow-Up

Long-term lead follow-up can take many forms.  It can be

  • a newsletter
  • a product showcase
  • a Q&A
  • a problem/solution
  • an interview
  • a how-to video
  • or any other item of interest.

The key is to develop calendar – with assignments and deadlines.

Learn more about our Lead Follow-Up Program.

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