Kitchen and bath marketing Strategy Session request confirmed

Thanks for your K&B Marketing Strategy Session request

Here’s what’s next …  Strategy Session

  1. We would like to have you fill out and return a very brief marketing questionnaire.  It should take just a few minutes to complete. Click here to link to the questionnaire.

  2. After we receive the questionnaire, we will call you to schedule a 30-minute Strategy Session.

  3. If you are located in eastern or central Massachusetts, we can meet with you in person.  Otherwise, we can conduct your Session by phone.

  4. Prior to our Session, please send copies of your current and/or past marketing promotions.  This may include ads, direct mail pieces, flyers, brochures and online promotions that are not currently on your website.

  5. If you have any results you can share, please send those along as well.

  6. Please send all information and materials to Bob McCarthy at

  7. If you have any questions, please call us at 508-473-8643.

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