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Landing Pages and Sales Pages

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Landing Pages

Landing pages (also known as squeeze pages) are created with the sole purpose of capturing a lead.

They are used as a response vehicle in all types of promotions (search advertising, online banner ads, email, direct mail, print ads).

Landing pages are better destinations than the home page because they are focused on the specific promotion and call to action.

Landing pages can be housed on the company website or on a third-party landing page service.

We can write, design, produce and manage your landing pages.

Sales Pages

Sales pages are similar to landing pages except they are longer and have it a much more difficult challenge.

While landing pages capture leads, sales pages are designed to convert leads into sales.

With this higher bar, the sales page needs to tell a more complete story resulting in much longer text.

Sometimes, the sales page will be placed on the Thank You page of a landing page.

We can write and design your sales pages as part of an overall conversion strategy.

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