System – Lead Capture

Automate your Lead Capture
with landing pages and PURLs



What is lead capture?

Lead capture refers to the multiple ways in which your prospects are able to respond to your offers.

Sales Lead System

Sales Lead System

Regardless of which methods you use to generate the initial lead, you still need capture the lead.

Traditional methods of lead capture – reply mail and telephone – are still valid approaches, but today’s technology – landing pages, PURLs and QR codes – also allows us to capture leads using automation – for improved speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Capturing the lead means collecting the necessary contact information from prospects.  It may also mean getting answers to specific questions about the sales potential of each prospect.

How much information you should collect will vary with each sales situation, but it’s important to know that trying to collect too much information in the beginning could depress your response.


Options for lead capture

You have many choices for lead capture:

  • Reply mail – Postage-paid business reply cards and reply envelopes need to be arranged through the post office, but even a simple postcard works.
  • Inbound telephone – Toll-free numbers invite more response, but regular office numbers can also work.
  • Inbound fax – Less used in recent years, but still a viable option.
  • Inbound email – Fast and efficient, but offers less structure than other response methods.
  • Landing pages – Landing pages are web pages dedicated specifically to a single offer and single campaign.  Multiple landing pages are used to test and measure response from multiple campaigns.
  • PURLs – PURLs are personalized landing pages that pre-populate the landing page with personalized contact information.
  • QR Codes – A QR Code is a response channel designed for a smart phone.  Prospects simple scan the QR Code image and are brought to a landing page for response handling.
  • Mobile Text – You can generate mobile phone response when promote a mobile text number.
  • Walk-In – Used mostly by retailers, walk-in prospects respond in person –  typically with a coupon or some other response form.


The Sales Lead System

The Sales Lead System is a series of marketing communications activities that is custom-developed for your sales and marketing operation.

We combine proven strategic and creative tactics in direct mail, email, landing pages and web forms to deliver a closed-loop lead generation and lead nurturing process.

If some of these activities already exist, we can adapt to your program and provide you with just those services you may need.


Start with a FREE Audit

The Sale Lead System is developed for your sales program – and we start with the program you already have in place.

We will map out your current process from initial inquiry to close.  We’ll look at what’s working and what needs improving.

And then we’ll off some fresh ideas – to improve your tracking, your measurement, your creative and your results.


To arrange your FREE audit, call Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643.