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Use landing pages and QR Codes to convert visitors into leads

McCarthy & King Marketing helps to capture more website visitors and direct response prospects with web forms, landing pages, PURLs and QR Codes.

Sales Lead Sytem

Lead Capture

You invested a great deal to get those visitors to your website or landing page.   Don’t let them slip away without leaving their contact information.

This is where your lead capture landing page will play a critical role.

Testing shows that two landing pages with just slight differences can produce dramatically different results.

Options for Lead Capture

Whether you are using direct marketing, Google AdWords or print advertising, consider the many ways you can capture leads:

Landing Pages  Dedicated pages designed to convert visitors into sales leads.
PURLs  Personalized landing pages with much of the contact information already filled out.
QR Codes  Dedicated landing pages accessible through a smart phone
Reply Cards Still recommended in direct mail.  The more options the better
Phone Don’t overlook the telephone.  It will produce the best leads.
Fax Why not?  Some people prefer to respond that way.
Walk In Not for every situation, but absolutely essential for retail, restaurants and trade show lead capture.


Learn more our Lead Capture services

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Working with us

If you are interested in working with us, we offer two types of service engagements – monthly Programs and individual Projects.

Programs are best used for continuing work involving multiple marketing activities.  Projects are a good way to get started and get acquainted.


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