Lead Capture

Demand Generation – Lead Generation – Lead Nurturing

The Sales Support System – custom designed
to your sales and marketing operation

 The Sales Support System doesn’t come in a box and it can’t be delivered with a download.  It simply represents the step-by-step approach we will take to improve your sales process.

And this is no “one-size-fits-all” system.  We start with the sales process – your sales process.  We map out each step in your process and we take time to understand how you currently handle those steps.

Only then do we make our recommendations.   This may include the introduction of a new program or simply the tweaking of an existing program.  We may see a need to get involved with some steps in your sales process – and not in others.  At the same time, we may decide to phase in different steps at later dates. 

Step 2 – Lead Capture

Building interest and generating buzz is a good starting point for any marketing program, but if you want results (and who doesn’t), you need to start capturing the leads.    

By using dedicated landing pages for each of your marketing channels and programs, you will be able to collect the necessary contact information and process the lead without lifting a finger. 

Your landing pages will collect the appropriate information, confirm the email address, deliver the report via email and then send a “thank you” email message. 

Of course, not every prospect wants to use the web to respond to your offer.  To maximize your response from any program, we recommend providing additional response channel so people can respond by phone, reply mail, fax or by walking into your business or up to your trade show booth. 

How much information you collect from each respondent will depend on the goal of your program.  

  • If you are trying to get the highest possible response, you won’t ask for much more than the email address.  (You can always collect additional information with subsequent contacts.)
  • If you want to avoid or at least identify low quality leads, you would ask for more contact information and maybe a couple of qualifying questions to determine the level of interest.
  • If you only want serious prospects, you will ask for a telephone number and the best time to call.

 But don’t forget the trade-off:  you more you ask, the lower your response will be.

Lead Capture will also help you with testing.  By creating separate landing pages, codes and telephone extensions for each test version, you will be able to see – in real numbers – which list, which offer and which message is the most productive for you. 

How we can help:
We can work with you and your staff to provide whatever level of service you may need.  You are free to handle any or all of this on your own, but if you need our help:

  • We can help you create and post multiple landing pages – to track different marketing programs and test versions.
  • We can help you create and manage alternative response channels. 
  • We can help you determine the right level of data collection for your objective.
  • We can help you develop and implement a testing strategy. 

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