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McCarthy & King Marketing is a Boston-area marketing firm offering lead generation and marketing advice to small business.

Need more leads … or better leads … or more consistent follow-up?
Chances are you’re already doing some type of marketing or advertising to find new clients for your business.

Perhaps you’re speaking at industry events or writing articles for industry publications.  You may be cultivating relationships and generating referrals from simply attending conferences and trade shows.

Maybe you’re cold calling … or writing letters … or running ads … or optimizing your website.

Whatever you’re doing, at least you’re doing something.  Now, what kind of results are you getting?

How many leads do you generate every month?  What percent of those leads are qualified prospects?  What percent convert to clients?  And how frequently and effectively do you stay in touch your prospects?

We can help.

Create a lead generation system
The truth is there are no magical solutions to getting new business.

Some methods work better than others.  Some are easier to implement than others.  Some are cheaper than others – both in terms of time and money.

What’s important is developing a process – a plan that follows your new business activity from initial inquiry to close.

Generate a steady flow of leads
Most business owners are able to generate occasional leads from their marketing efforts, but generally, it’s sporadic.  A few leads this week, nothing next week, a few more the following week, and so on.

To be successful, you need a steady flow of leads – a fixed quantity (and quality) every week, every month – all year long.

Qualify before you nurture
When you invest in a sales program, you don’t want to waste your time chasing down leads that aren’t going anywhere.

You need to qualify your leads so that you can focus on those leads that are most likely to become clients.

We can help you establish that qualifying criteria.

No more leads falling through the cracks
It’s an unfortunate fact in sales that new leads get your attention and old leads are just old.  Nothing could be further from the truth – or further from successful selling.

Leads get old not because they are bad leads but because your prospects weren’t ready to buy yet.

Staying in touch is critical.  You need to be there when they are ready to say “Yes.”

Track and measure everything
When you only have a handful of leads, tracking and measuring seems like an unnecessary task.

But when your volume increases and you have leads coming in from multiple sources, a system for measuring response makes sense.  As a business owner, you want to be basing your decisions on numbers – not guesswork or gut feelings.

How we can help
We can help you build your businenss.   We can work with you as your marketing partner to:

  • develop a targeted lead generation program
  • implement a lead nurturing system for your lead pipeline
  • write case studies, white papers, brochures and newsletters
  • manage direct mail and other marketing activities
  • help capture more leads from your public speaking and article writing

Our services – which will vary depending on your needs and internal capabilities – can include:

  • one-to-one marketing advice and strategic planning
  • creative services (copywriting and graphic design)
  • project management services (supervision of production work)

We will work with you on a project fee basis or a month-to-month basis.

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