Lead generation and lead nurturing (copy)

Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing
for the B-to-B Sales Process

McCarthy & King Marketing is a Massachusetts-based marketing and creative services firm that produces complete lead generation and lead nurturing programs for the business-to-business sales process.

Step by Step

Generate sales leads using direct mail
Through targeted direct mail, we’ll deliver a consistent flow of sales leads in the right quantity and the right quality.

  • List Research – we’ll help you find and acquire mailing lists that match your customer profile
  • Offer Planning – we’ll help you identify and develop offers that drive responsse
  • Creative – from letter packages to self-mailers and postcards, we’ll create the most effective mailer for your needs
  • Production – at your option, we’ll take care of printing/mailing services and we’ll sure you get all the postage discounts
  • Response Tracking – we’ll track everything and make the necessary adjustments for future mailings

Of course, we know direct mail isn’t for every business or every situation.  We’ll also help you generate leads through telemarketing, email, print advertising, web advertising, PR, public speaking, article writing, trade shows, SEO and social media.

Capture and qualify leads with landing pages

For each mailing, we’ll provide your prospects with multiple response channels to capture and qualify your leads.

  • Landing pages and pURLs – we’ll help you create and host landing pages and personalized landing pages (pURLs) with automated lead capture
  • Business reply mail – we still recommend reply mail and we’ll help you arrange for business reply through the post office
  • Data entry and fulfillment – we’ll help you develop an automated process for data entry and fulfillment
  • Online surveys – to help qualify your prospects, we’ll create online surveys with key qualifying questions.

Nurture every lead with email drips, blasts and newsletters

You’ve made an investment in generating your leads.  Are you prepared to simply toss them over to sales?

How and when your sales leads should be handed off to sales is up to you, but you never want to completely let go of your leads.

  • Email drips – we’ll set up and create a series of emails that will be delivered automatically on a prearranged schedule
  • Email blasts – as your needs or opportunities arise, we’ll create and deliver focused promotional emails to all or part of your list
  • Email newsletters – we’ll design, write and edit your email newsletters to keep your name in front of customers and prospects on a regular basis.

Look beyond the campaign and start building a lead system
Many people see their direct mail, email and other marketing activities as individual marketing campaigns.

The problem is that campaigns are typically implemented for a short period of time and then they come to an end … until it’s time for another campaign.

We believe a better approach is to treat all of your marketing activities as part of a lead system that continually generates, qualifies and converts leads 12 months a year.

Start with a FREE Audit of your current lead generation program

Before we introduce a new program to your sales process, let’s look at what you already have in place.

Let’s look at what you’re doing and how it’s working.  Then we will make recommendations.  We’ll offer ideas for improving your tracking, your measurement, your consistency and your results.

There is no cost or obligation involved.  It’s simply our way of getting acquainted.  Naturally we would like to get some work – either now or down the road – but we believe starting the relationship is an important first step.

Call Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643.

Step by Step