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Lead Generation Service Options

Choose the lead generation service that best fits your needs

Lead Generation Projects
These are solo projects – one-time assignments.

Projects include everything you need to plan and execute a complete lead generation campaign using one or more tactics.

Most projects will also include landing pages and auto-responder email follow-up.

All projects are estimated in advance.  Projects usually take 4-8 weeks from initial planning to post office delivery.

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Lead Generation Programs
Programs are month-to-month relationships that work best with organizations that use (or plan to use) lead generation on a regular basis.

Instead of looking at one project at a time, we step back and take a broader view of your entire lead generation program.  Each lead generation tactic is treated as an extension of a previous tactic allowing you to leverage your results to improve on each successive marketing effort.

Programs are based on a pre-determined monthly fee.

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Lead Generation Consulting
Consulting services are offered to organizations that  handle (or plan to handle) lead generation in-house.

If you are just starting out, we can help you with your initial set up.  We’ll help you develop a plan, a budget, a timetable and reasonable expectations.

If you have an existing lead generation program, we can work with you or your team to improve the entire program or individual aspects of your program, including lead capture, lead qualification and lead nurturing.

Consulting is available on a single project basis or on a month-to-month basis for ongoing support.

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Lead Generation Copywriting & Creative
This service is for organizations that want to outsource the copy and creative portion of their lead generation.

We can create direct mail, email, advertising, online tactics, landing pages – whatever makes sense for your needs.

Our creative services include offer strategy, message planning, format selection, creative concepts, copywriting and graphic design.

Creative assignments are typically solo projects and estimated in advance.  If you have multiple lead generation campaigns being planned,  you might also consider a month-to-month relationship.

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