Demand Generation – Lead Generation – Lead Nurturing

Let us help you build a sales system
that generates, qualifies and nurtures leads –
and measures everything you do.



If you’re at all familiar with lead generation, then you know, when the leads start coming in, you’re just getting started.

To be successful in the lead generation (or if you prefer, demand generation), you can’t think in terms of a single campaign or promotion.  You need to look at it as a multi-step process that takes you from initial inquiry through to the close.

At the same time, your lead generation program needs to work hand-in-hand with your sales process and sales people– supporting whatever sales operation you employ.

An integrated approach

In developing this multi-step system, we have combined a mix of marketing activities (both on-line and off-line) that include:

  • Direct response methodologies using direct mail and other media
  • Lead capture landing pages
  • Web-based surveys
  • Automated email marketing
  • Email newsletters, case studies and client interviews


A 5-Step Program

Here’s a quick overview of a multi-step lead generation program.  How simple or complex you make it will depend on your sales operation.   If you already some of these steps in place, we can adapt our system to your existing process.

Step 1 – Lead Generation
evelop and implement a multi-channel program)

We usually produce a direct mail program for this step, but it can be anything.  It can be advertising (online or offline), telemarketing, press releases, article writing, public speaking, trade shows, shared mailings or social media.

Whichever approach you take (and we recommend multiple approaches), remember the goal is to generate leads of reasonable quantity at a reasonable cost.

To generate response, we usually recommend using (or creating) an informational offer such as an ebook, special report or white paper focused on a hot topic in your industry – and, hopefully, a hot problem area that your product or service can address.

Step 2 – Lead Capture
Create landing pages to capture and confirm leads)

As leads come in, we want them to go a central location.  Many responses will go to a specially developed landing page where we can collect the prospects’ contact information automatically.  (Responses that come in through reply mail, telephone, fax or from walk-ins will need to be entered manually.)

For leads that come in through the landing page, we can also confirm their email address and deliver the offer electronically.

Step 3 – Lead Qualification
(Use surveys to identy “sales-ready” prospects)

As part of the lead capture and then later with on-line surveys, we can begin to identify those leads are worth serious follow-up.  We will help you establish a grading system to determine which leads are ready now, ready in the short term, ready in the long-term or not serious at all.

For those who do not respond to the survey, we recommend follow-up phone calls to qualify the prospects.  If you don’t want to handle this yourself, we can provide the telephone marketing service for you.

The goal is to allow your sales people to spend all of their time on “sales-ready” prospects.

Step 4 – Lead Nurture
(Use automated email to follow up leads)

Immediately after the lead is received, we will begin to send out automated emails on a pre-determined schedule.  These so-called “auto-responder” emails will help you stay in touch without lifting a finger on your part.  You set it and forget it.

Step 5 – Lead Communications
(Use email newsletters to inform and communicate)

In addition to the automated emails, we will create an email newsletter (or some other informational format) that will help you stay in touch with your prospects over the long term.   Using product announcements, how-to articles, case studies and customer interviews as content, we will publish a new issue on any schedule you want – monthly, bi-weekly, weekly.