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Use sales lead measurement to track, measure and revise

McCarthy & King Marketing helps clients set up and improve the tracking and measurement of their sales lead programs – then uses their response data to revise and improve their programs.

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Lead Measurement

We all pay lip service to measurement and ROI, but how many do it in a meaningful way. Let us show how you can take some simple steps to track all of your lead generation activities in an effort to move forward with smart, confident decisions.

We can help you determine which metrics are important to your sales process – and which are nothing more than a distractio

Options for lead measurement

There are many ways to look at the results of your marketing, but not all of them will provide equally useful information.

Response Rates The most common and basic method for measuring direct mail.  But it’s too simplistic to be of much use because it doesn’t take in account lead quality or the cost per lead.
Order Rates  An absolultely reliable metric that indicates what percentage of people actually responded with a purchase.
Qualified Lead Rates  When sales sycles are too long to determine an order rate, the qualified lead rate tells you what percentage of your leads are actually qualified to become customers.  Need to define a lead first.
Conversion Rates  When you want to isolate the performance of your landing pages, the conversion rate will tell you what percentage of your landing page or website visitors convert into leads or customers.
Customer Acquistion Costs When your margins are tight, this is a critical measurement.  But if you’re not making a profit, don’t be discouraged.  Sometimes, it takes a second or third sale to produce a profit.
Lifetime Value On average, how much will a customer spend with you over a lifetime?  Statisically, you should be able to determine how much is spent per year and how many years a customer will stay with you.
Return on Investment It’s the ultimate measure of your marketing efforts, but understand that negative ROIs for a single program can still produce a long-term ROI.


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