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Use lead qualification and lead scoring to identify sales-ready leads

McCarthy & King Marketing helps clients qualify and score their sales leads with tele-qualification and online surveys.

Sales Lead Sytem

Lead Qualification

At some point, someone has to pick up the phone.

But before you do, think about when to call, what to say and, most importantly, what to ask.   Lead qualification is about asking questions, collecting information and determining whether a prospect has a real potential for becoming a customer.

You will need to develop an acceptable definition of a qualified sales lead to establish a threshold for lead sorting.

Options for lead qualification

Before you spend too much time nurturing and cultivating your leads, make sure they have real potential for become customers.  There are two ways to gather this information:

Tele-qualification The telephone is by far the best way to qualify your sales leads.  Whether you leave that responsibility to your sales people, an inside sales team or a outside service bureau, it is a critical step in the sales process. But you need to know when to call and what to ask.
Online Surveys Online surveys can collect the same information as a telephone call, but you won’t get as much compliance.  Still, it’s worth a try and you always be sure to include it as a secondary link in all your emails.


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