Lead Qualification

Demand Generation – Lead Generation – Lead Nurturing

The Sales Support System – custom designed
to your sales and marketing operation

 The Sales Support System doesn’t come in a box and it can’t be delivered with a download.  It simply represents the step-by-step approach we will take to improve your sales process.

And this is no “one-size-fits-all” system.  We start with the sales process – your sales process.  We map out each step in your process and we take time to understand how you currently handle those steps.

Only then do we make our recommendations.   This may include the introduction of a new program or simply the tweaking of an existing program.  We may see a need to get involved with some steps in your sales process – and not in others.  At the same time, we may decide to phase in different steps at later dates. 

Step 3 – Lead Qualification

It’s easy to get excited about the large volume of new sales leads that may be coming through your door, but the lead qualification process will bring you back to earth very quickly. 

Here we find out how many of those leads have a realistic chance of becoming customers.

To do this, we develop a series of qualifying questions to help you grade, or prioritize, your leads.   The fact is not all sales leads are created equal – and this process will help sort that out.  The answers you get will help you identify your “sales-ready” leads as well as those leads that may be ready in the near and distance future.

By qualifying your sales leads early in the process, your sales people will be more efficient with their time by focusing on their best prospects and by no longer chasing marginal and no-chance leads. 

The answers to these questions may be obtained in a variety of ways.  We cab ask them with online survey or a printed survey.  Or we can ask them over the phone.  Many companies handle this internally with an inside sales force or support staff.   But don’t overlook the possibility of outsourcing. 

How we can help:
We can work with you and your staff to provide whatever level of service you may need.  You are free to handle any or all of this on your own, but if you need our help:

  • We can help establish your lead qualification criteria and develop questions that will help you obtain that information. 
  • We can create and implement a qualification survey – be used online or in printed form. 
  • We can arrange to have your prospects contacted by phone.

 Call Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643 to discuss your project.