One-On-One Marketing Coaching

for Digital Marketing, Direct Mail or Digital Direct


Program Content Customized for You

We have prepared content that we use in every engagement, but what makes this different is that we adjust the content to fit your organization’s needs.

It takes a little extra work in preparation, but we think it’s worth it to stay focused on what is most relevant for you.


Scheduled Zoom Meetings

Our meetings are typically 90 minutes each and we can schedule them to fit your availability.

We suggest twice a month, but we will leave that up to you.

All of our sessions are recorded and sent to you immediately after the session along with a copy of the slides used in that presentation.


Content Agenda

Our engagements start with a broad overview of the fundamentals to give you and your team a high-level understanding and to show you how everything is supposed to work and fit together.

Once this overview is finished, we will take a deeper dive into specific topics of interest to you.

You select the topic areas that are most important to you.


Lessons or Support

Each and every topic we offer comes with a detailed lesson presentation, but we can also provide ongoing support for projects you already have in place.

If you want to spend more time (or all your time) on your current projects, please let us know in advance so we are prepared.


Unlimited Calls & Emails

For as a long as you are still scheduling Zoom meetings, you are free to call us or send emails with your questions or concerns.

There’s no need to wait for the scheduled meetings.  We want to be available to you to keep you on track.


Our Programs

Digital Marketing

We start with an overview of the digital marketing landscape.  This includes a review of three pillars of your organic search marketing strategy – your website, SEO and content planning.  We’ll also introduce you to the various tools and platforms that digital marketers use to monitor and improve performance.  With your fundamentals in place, we will explore the use of social media and paid traffic options like Google and Facebook, as well lead nurturing campaigns with email marketing.

Direct Marketing

We start with an introduction to direct mail applications and the integration of direct mail into the sales process. We will introduce you to the 40-40-20 rule and show you why mailing lists and offers are so critical to your success.  We will talk about response rates and help you establish some realistic expectations. We will also examine the importance of testing in direct mail and how you can implement it yourself.  Later lessons will cover specific focus areas like mailing list research, offer strategy, mailer format selection, response channels, copywriting, graphic design, print/mail production and more.

Digital Direct Mail 

Direct mail is a powerful marketing channel on its own, but when you combine direct mail with the advantages of digital marketing, you get an unbeatable combination.  In this shorter coaching program, we offer an introduction of digital enhancements to your direct mail campaigns.  Later sessions will help you implement these measures and track their effectiveness.