Our Marketing Programs and Services

Our Marketing Programs and Writing Services

We offer a wide range of programs and services to meet your marketing goals. Whether you are business, non-profit or a marketing consultant or agency, we have the flexibility to fit in where needed.

Integrated Lead Generation Program

A 4-step program that includes the creation of

  • an informational offer (aka lead magnet)
  • a direct mail package (and/or a direct response print ad)
  • a landing page
  • a follow-up drip email series

Includes a built-in testing process.  Once the four steps are in place, we also offer an ongoing program for continued implementation, response tracking and testing.

This is available as a Full Service Program that is completely created by us (with your input and approval) or as a Limited Service Program (a consulting/coaching role where you do your own writing under my guidance).

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Small Business Marketing Program

For businesses with small or even no marketing departments, this is a marketing program designed to generate leads, build brand awareness and support the sales process.

Programs vary with each client but often include a mix of online and offline marketing activities. Online, we will work with you on your website, search marketing, social media and email.  Offline may include direct mail, advertising, PR and print collateral.

Implementation varies with your in-house capabilities.

Phase 1 – Strategic Planning
Phase 2 – Implementation
Phase 3 – Results Review and Adjustment

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Retail Store & Restaurant Marketing Program

Retail stores and restaurants require a very different form of marketing.

As local businesses, they have traditionally used newspaper advertising, free standing inserts and direct mail to bring traffic to their locations. And most still do.

But they have also moved to online marketing activities with local search marketing, pay per click, social media reviews and email customer loyalty programs.

We create marketing programs that are customized the needs and preferences of the individual client.

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Non-Profit Fundraising & Marketing Program

Charities and other non-profit organizations rely on marketing to communicate and motivate their communities of donors, volunteers and supporters.

Using a combination of direct mail, email and various online marketing activities, we can help you with fundraising (both donor acquisition and donor renewal), event promotions, donor communications and key donor cultivation.

We adapt our services to meet the needs and capabilities of each organization.

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Direct Mail

Direct Mail Creative
Copy and design for all types of direct mail formats – letter packages, self-mailers, postcards, booklets and more.  Includes recommendations for offers, formats, messaging and testing.  Finished art delivered to your printer.

Direct Mail Full Service
All of the above creative work plus help with mailing lists, printing, addressing and mailing services.

Direct Mail Consulting
Review of your current direct mail with recommendations for improvement.

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Print Advertising

Print Advertising Creative
Copy and design for solo ads or a series of ads all developed for direct response

Print Advertising Full Service
Complete creative services plus media research, selection and placement

Print Advertising Consulting
Print advertising doesn’t have to be just awareness advertising.  With the right approach, you can actually generate leads from all of your ads.  Let us show you how we can turn any ad into a direct response ad.

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Drip Email Series
Create a series of 5 or 10 emails to be used as part of a Drip Email sequence.

We will create your emails (with your input and approval) and then we will set up your emails in Constant Contact for scheduled delivery to your new leads.

Email Newsletters
Use email newsletters to educate your customers and prospects, and to demonstrate your expertise as an industry leader.

We’ll put together a newsletter design, an editorial calendar and a process for meeting your deadlines.  Then with each issue, we can write it, you can write it or we can share.

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New Websites
We create websites that you can edit and update yourself.  Our websites are developed a WordPress platform which gives you complete control over your own website content.

Our process is simple:

Phase 1 – Organize content
Phase 2 – Design template
Phase 3 – Write content
Phase 4 – Revise and publish
Phase 5 – Optimize pages for search engines

If you already have a website, but feel it’s time for an overhaul, an adjustment or some new pages, let’s talk.

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Writing Services


Lead Generation Letter Package

Order Generation Letter Package

Survey Marketing Package

Direct Mail Postcard




Retail Postcard

Every Door Direct Mail Flyer

Fundraising Letter Package



Solo Ads

Ad Campaigns

Free Standing Inserts



New Websites

New Web Pages

New Blog Posts



Solo Email

Email Campaign

Drip Email Series

Email Newsletters



Corporate Brochures

Product Brochures

Sales Sheets

Information Kits

Annual Reports



White Papers


Tip Sheets

How-to Reports

Step-by-Step Guides

Email Newsletters



Press Releases

Press Kits



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