Solo Marketing Projects

We understand not everyone is able to access our full-service campaigns for direct mail or lead generation. 

But here you can access the specific projects that we provide within our campaign relationships.

Below is a list of common projects that may involve one or more members of our creative team of writers, designers, web developers and video specialists.

We welcome your inquiries and would be happy to provide an estimate upon request.

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are downloadable guides, whitepapers, ebooks, checklists and cheat sheets that are used to incentivize response and conversions.  We can help you plan, organize, create and produce a lead magnet for your business.

Pricing will vary by the type and length of the lead magnet as well as the complexity of the content.  As needed, we would collaborate with your subject matter experts.

Case Studies

Nothing explains and illustrates the benefits of your product or service better than a well-written case study.  Detailed and specific case studies around an identified customer is the preferred approach, but we can develop cast studies that anonymous as well.

Case studies can be developed with copy-only or with copy and design in a variety of styles, approaches and formats.

Expert Interviews

Your subject matter experts have a lot to say if you give them a chance.  We can use online interviews to create content around specific topics that interest your target community.  This is a compelling way to inform your prospects and show your expertise.

We can conduct interviews for print or video or both.  We can produce finished solo interviews or combined multiple speakers into one common topic interview.

Customer Interviews

A satisfied customer can tell your story with absolute credibility.  If you have willing customers, we can conduct interviews for both print and video.  You can then use this content to build social proof on your website, social media, email and other platforms.

We can produce solo interviews or combine multiple interviews into one longer piece of content.

Landing Pages

Landing pages provide a focused destination for your prospects who want to respond to your promotions.  Rather than sending prospects to your home page (which is not typically designed for lead capture), send them to a dedicated landing page and you’ll see more conversions.

Landing pages can range from simple “lead capture” pages to longer, more detailed pages.

Sales Pages

Sales pages are an extension of the landing page.  They effectively replace the common “thank you” page where prospects go after they fill out the landing page form.  Sales pages are typically longer pages with a more detailed sales message than what the visitor saw with the initial landing page.

The goal for most sales pages is to move the prospect to the next step in the sales process – for example, to book an appointment, sign up for a webinar or register for a conference.

Sales Collateral

While the use of educational content has grown in recent years, there’s still a need for straight-forward sales collateral – product sheets, sales sheets, application sheets, pricing schedules, testimonial sheets, how-it-works sheets and more.

Sales collateral can be developed as pdfs for online distribution or in print for trade shows, mail and in-person distribution.

Information Kits

Other than your website, this is your first big introduction to prospective clients.  Information kits are typically sent out upon request – after someone fills out a form or calls you for information. An information kit often includes multiple elements

Information kits can be developed as pdfs for online distribution but for higher impact, it can also be printed and mailed.


New websites and website overhauls are big projects (and we’re happy to quote those), but much of our website work is much smaller in scope.  For example, we might rework the home page, create new pages, edit existing pages, optimize existing pages, add Call-to-Action forms or just provide ongoing guidance for improving website performance.

For many of our clients, we become their virtual website manager and content editor.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is big part of what we do on a campaign level, but we have many people wanting to access our direct mail creative without the campaign.  But you should know this more than just a copy and design exercise.  When we work with any client on direct mail, we will need to consult with you on your offer, response channels and your chosen direct mail format.  And personalization.

We can develop all types of mailer formats including postcards, letter mailers, survey mailers, letter packages with multiple inserts, self-mailer brochures, self-mailer booklets, oversized EDDM mailers and snap-packs.

Google Display Ads

You’re probably familiar with Google Search ads – those text ads that appear on Google’s search engine pages.  But Google also has a vast network of participating websites where you can place display advertising.  It’s not search, but it is targeted to your customer profile.  And just like Google search, you only pay when someone clicks on your ads.

We can create those ads for you.  For each we create, we provide multiple sizes so you can maximize your exposure.  If you want us to manage the campaign, handle all the setup and targeting, we provide this service at $495 per month

Google Retargeting Display Ads

This is an extension of the Google Display Ads (above).  The difference is in the targeting.  With Retargeting Ads, we can use the same ads as above (or new ads if you prefer) and serve them up to past visitors of your website.  Our basic program will provide retargeting to all visitors to your website. A more advanced approach would reach visitors of specific pages.  This provides a greater level of targeting and more specificity in messaging.

Drip Email Sequences

Drip email sequences are an essential part of our Lead Nurturing Funnel (which we can manage for you), but we also offer these sequences for those who prefer to manage their own lead nurturing – through their own marketing automation platform.

Drip email sequences are written and developed in advanced, then scheduled out over a specific period of time as soon as the prospect takes some type of action on your website and from your email.  The most common use of drip email is as an introductory sequence sent to new subscribers to your email list, but you apply the same concept to many of actions.

Evergreen Emails

We know how difficult and time-consuming it is to generate new emails every week or every month.  It’s great when you can do it, but as a practical matter, we find many customers are unable to stick with it. We create evergreen emails to help you maintain an email presence with your prospects even when you’re too busy to create new emails.

You can create unique evergreen emails around your company, your products or services, customer applications, whatever makes sense for your business.

How-We-Did-It Interviews

Give your future customers an inside look at how you work.  Share what you do and how you do it through print or video and give your future customers a sense of what it’s like to work with you.

Video Content

Video is playing an increasingly important role in online marketing.  We can provide guidance in selecting a video project as well as the services needed to develop your projects to completion.  This would include introductory videos, explainer videos, how-to videos, webinars and more.