Non-Profit Creative Services for Direct Mail, Email, Online, Social

Non-Profit Creative Services for Direct Mail, Email, Online, Social

Flexible services and pricing to fit your needs and budget

Non-profit organizations have a lot of stake.  Year after year, their missions depend largely, if not entirely, on the generosity of their donors and supporters.

To stay in business – to maintain the necessary financial levels to deliver on their mission – these organizations must build strong relationships with the people who support their cause.

And that means ongoing communications and appeals for support.

We can help you with that.  We provide a mix of copy, creative and supervisory services – which we make available on an as-needed basis.

Choose the services that make sense for you:

Direct Mail

Direct mail is still a workhorse for non-profits fundraising – for both donor renewals and donor acquisition.  Let us help maximize your return of your direct mail with a compelling and persuasive direct mail appeal.

Choose from three service levels

  • copywriting only
  • creative (copy and design)
  • full service (campaign supervision)


Email has become the communication channel of choice to stay in touch with donors and supporters.  Your donors and supporters want to stay informed and engaged.  They want to hear about program updates, events, success stories and more.

Plus it’s always nice to reach out when you are not asking for money.

If you’re not already using email, we can set up and manage an email platform for you.  We can also write, design, format and deploy the emails.  Which services you use is up to you.

Online Advertising

Donor acquisition through direct mail can be challenging and expensive..  In many cases, just breaking even is considered a success.  For that reason, many non-profits have been looking at the alternative methods of outreach to find their new donors and supports.

We provide online advertising through Google and Facebook.  We can help you find the people most likely to support your organization and we can put together an ad campaign to get them connect with you.

Using Google and Facebook, we can also set up remarketing program so that anyone who visits your website will continue to hear from you through online advertising.

Social Media

We all know many of your donors and supports like to stay engaged through Facebook and other social media platforms.  By sharing content to your followers, you also expand your read to the friends of your followers which eventually builds your list of future donors.

But staying on top of your social media accounts and maintaining a consistent outreach of content and engagement is time-consuming.

If you’re not yet using social media, we can help you create a social media strategy, then build your social media presence on whatever platform you want.  We can also help you maintain a consistent posting schedule.

Website Management

Your website is the focal point of everything you do – which is why you need to be sure it’s always accurate and up to date.

If you have a WordPress website, we can help you manage your site providing you with timely content updates as needed.

If you would like to build a new WordPress  site, we can help you with that as well.

Non Profit Copy & Creative

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We have worked with a cross-section of non-profits over the years.  Most of these involve direct mail projects.  Our role in these projects has varied from copy-only to copy-and-design to full service campaign supervision.

  • UMass ALS Champion Fund
  • ALS Association
  • International Myeloma Foundation
  • Scottish Rite Blue Envelope Appeal
  • Scottish Rite Family Life
  • New Hampshire Forest Society
  • Lahey Clinic
  • Olympics – USA Cycling
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • Syrian-American Medical Society Foundation
  • New England Community Health Centers
  • National Asthma Hospital
  • National Jewish Hospital
  • CATS (homeless treatment services)
  • Spruce Home (for troubled youth)
  • Kendall Whaling Museum
  • Children’s Learning Centers (for dyslexia)
  • Olympics – USA Shooting
  • Irish American Partnership
  • Milford Community Use Program





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