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Looking for a non-profit copywriter?

Non-profit development officers and marketing directors have a lot on their plates – donor acquisitions, donor renewals, donor communications, events and so much more.

How you promote these programs – whether you’re using direct mail, email or the web – is up to you.

I can help.  I have been writing direct mail for 30 years.  Sometimes I provide the design too.  And when needed, I can put together complete campaigns.

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Non-Profit Experience

Here are some of the projects I have worked on over the years:

  • Scottish Rite Blue Envelope Appeal
  • Scottish Rite Family Life Appeal
  • New Hampshire Forest Society
  • New England Community Health Centers
  • Kendall Whaling Museum
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • Children’s Learning Centers
  • National Myeloma Foundation
  • ALS Association
  • ALS Champion Fund
  • CATS – Community Awareness & Treatment Services
  • Multiple Hospitals

Fundraising Programs –
Donor Acquisition

Non-Profits make their money on donor renewals, but acquiring new donors is an essential, and costly, first step in the process.

Unless you are continually bringing in new donors, your donor base will dwindle through attrition.

Direct mail continues to be a major channel for donor acquisition.

Response rates for donor acquisition are considerably lower than what you can expect with donor renewal mailings.   Non-profit organizations should look at donor acquisition mailings as a break-even effort.  Sometimes you make a little, sometimes you lose a little.  Break even is about average.

We can help you with all aspects of a direct mail donor acquisition campaign.  We’ll help with list research, gift/offer planning, format selection, copy and creative, full production supervision and testing.  Our campaign will also include the creation of a dedicated donation landing page to capture new donors.

Donor Renewals

Donor renewals are the bread and butter of non-profits.

Campaigns need to maximize both the response rate and the gift amount from each donor.

With direct mail, we’ll develop a campaign that will vary the gift “ask” amounts with the donor history.

We’ll look at premium strategies that include both front-end premiums to encourage higher response, and back-end premiums to encourage larger donations.

As with donor acquisition mailings, we can provide the complete direct mail solution – list research, gift/offer planning, format selection, copy and creative, full production supervision and testing.  Our campaign will also include the creation of a dedicated donation landing page or PURLs to capture donation renewals.

Email Campaigns

Non-Profits are increasingly using email to raise money from existing donors.  Even if the response isn’t as good as direct mail, the low cost of email makes it difficult to ignore.  Still for campaigns that require complete coverage of a donor base, direct mail seems to be the choice.

Email for donor acquisition is not a popular avenue of non-profits.  The relatively high cost of email lists makes it less attractive than direct mail.

Remarketing Advertising

Remarketing is an online advertising campaign that can be targeted to people who visit your website.  Ads are delivered to these prospects after they leave your site.

The assumption is that visitors to your website have an interest in your cause and are therefore good prospects for continued advertising.

Remarketing is handled on a pay-per-click basis so you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Content Marketing/SEO

When people search on topics related to your cause, you want your website to come as a source of information.

But to become a go-to source, you need to have the right information – targeted, keyword-focused content that is both useful and findable by the search engines.

We can help you develop a content marketing/SEO plan and, if needed, help you create your content.


While we don’t run events, we can help you promote them – with direct mail, advertising, email and online marketing.

Donor Communications

Donors like to hear from you and learn about the organization’s activities – and they especially like hearing from you when you’re not asking for money.  Whether it’s with direct mail, email or social media, stay connected with your donors, volunteers and other friends throughout the year.

Product Sales

Occasionally, non-profits will raise money through the sale of products.  We can help you sell those products with direct mail, email, online or on your website.

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