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Online marketing: build traffic, leads and customers

McCarthy & King Marketing offers a range of website and online marketing services to help organizations generate website traffic and convert that traffic into sales leads and customers.

Online Marketing

Understanding online marketing

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by online marketing.  The fast changing technology and new products have made it challenging for even the most savvy marketer.

To begin with, it’s important to understand that online marketing isn’t a single marketing tactic.  It’s a complex series of marketing tactics that works together to bring more visitors to your website, and once there, to convert those visitors into sales leads.

Some of those tactics – specifically websites and content marketing – are covered in more detail elsewhere on this website, but it’s important to see them as part of the online marketing solution.

Online Marketing Service Options

Online marketing services can be broken down into three categories – (1) search, (2) advertising and (3) content.


  • Content/SEO
    How can you get your website found and noticed on Google, Bing and Yahoo?  That’s the goal of Content/SEO.  We can help improve your rankings with content creation, keyword research, on-page SEO, meta page SEO and a legitimate link building strategy (no link farms or link tricks).

  • Local Search
    If you are selling to a local market, it’s important to establish a local web presence on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  We can help you set up your profiles on these local search pages, built your links through directories, data aggregators and social media platforms.  Local Search strategies also calls for customer reviews.
  • Google Adwords (pay-per-click search)
    Adwords helps you reach your best prospects when they are searching for the products or services you sell.  You pay only when the click on your ad.  We can help you set up, create and manage your Adwords account.


  • Facebook Advertising
    Facebook Paid Advertising has become the most popular online advertising channel in a very short time.  In part because of its reach and it’s depth of data on individuals, Facebook gives you better, more complete targeting than any other single platform.  Best of all, your ads can appear in the timeline of your targeted prospect increasing the chances your ad will be seen.

  • Google Display Advertising
    You can take advantage of Google’s massive advertising network with both text and image ads that are distributed to websites, blogs, news sites and other web properties.  Choose your target and your geographic area, and pay only when your ad gets clicked.  We can help you set up your account and create your ads.

  • Targeted Online Advertising
    Today most traditional media outlets – newspapers, magazines, trade journals, tv and radio stations – offer online advertising opportunities.  We can help you take advantage of these many new opportunities.
  • Multi-Network Online Advertising
    Google is one very important advertising network – and probably THE most important network.  But it’s not the only network.  There are approximately 15 ad networks you could use to reach your target audience. We can help you reach them and spread your message to its widest audience.
  • Remarketing Campaigns
    When people visit your site and then leave without taking any action, Google now offers a program that will continue to advertise to them as they go elsewhere on the web.  We can help you set up this service and create the ads to reach this highly valuable audience.


  • Blog Posts Planning and Creating
    Blogs are only useful if you continue to publish posts – regularly and frequently.  We can help you plan, schedule, assign, create and edit blog posts on a regular basis.

  • Content Marketing Planning and Creating
    In addition to your blog posts, your online marketing can benefit from a wide array of other useful and interesting content.  We can help you create and implement tutorials, demonstrations, videos, webinars, slide shows, how-to tip sheets, white papers, special reports, Q&As and more.

  • Social Media Integration
    Even if you’re not social media person yourself, your business can benefit from sharing your content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  We can help you distribute your content through these networks.

How can we help?

Are you looking for a complete overhaul or just some improvements?  We’re flexible enough to work with you either way.

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