Direct Mail – Order Generation Mailers

Direct Mail – Order Generation Mailers

order generation mailersWhen you actually need to sell …

While much of direct mail is used to generate sales leads or bring customers into a retail store, some direct mail campaigns need to sell directly and immediately.

We create order generation mailers for direct sales.

Order generation direct mail is typically by used catalog companies, financial services, publishers, education/training and others that need to work with margins that do not allow for an outside sale team.

We create order generation mailers that help you generate sales from:

  • third-party lists
  • previous inquiries
  • previous customers

Choose an order generation mailer format

Direct sales mailers typically fall into three groups:

  • Letter mailers
  • Self-mailers
  • Catalogs & booklets


Letter Mailers

Package components include

  • outer envelope
  • 2-page or longer sales letter
  • brochure (optional)
  • lift note or other insert (optional)
  • order form
  • reply envelope


A self-mailer is a multi-panel folded brochure that is best used for highly visual products.  It could range from 3 panels (6 pages) up to 5 or 6 panels (10-12 pages). The length depends on the complexity of the sale and the cost of the product being sold.


Catalogs and booklets are multi-page mailers that are most often used when selling multiple items at a time.  Catalogs sell multiple products.  Booklets can be used to sell conferences or other educational programs.

Letter mailers vs. self-mailers vs. catalogs

Letter mailers are generally considered the preferred method for order generation mailers.  However, self-mailers are much less expensive to create and produce (you’re only printing one piece) – which makes them more appealing when margins are tight.  Catalogs are more expensive than self-mailers but usually less expensive than letter mailers.


Plan for longer copy

Order generation mailers usually require longer copy (and longer formats) than lead generation mailers.  The reason is simple and logical:   it takes more persuasion to get people to open their wallets than it does to get them to request a free white paper.

In lead generation, you are simply presenting a free report and asking people to raise their hands if they want a copy.  There’s no risk – just turn over your contact information.

In order generation, you have a much more difficult challenge.  You’re asking people to actually buy your product.  To do that, you’ll need to

  • explain your product fully
  • demonstrate how it will help your target prospect
  • build your credibility through testimonials and endorsements
  • go over every detail about payment and shipping and guarantees.And all that takes copy and space.

Focus on pricing and price presentation

You may have heard that the success of your direct marketing campaign is largely do to having a good offer.  In order generation, pricing is the core of the offer.  You may want to test more than one price.

Beyond the price itself, the presentation of the price is also critical.  Is there a payment plan?  Is the current price the result of a discount?  Will you be offering a premium (free gift) for ordering by a certain date?

Combination deals such as buy-one-get-one-free are also part of the price presentation.

Consider free trials to get things started

One offer that works for many direct sales applications (especially subscription mailings) is the use of the free trial.  Trials are a good way to get people on board with little or no commitment.  By experiencing the product first hand, customers will feel comfortable moving forward with a purchase.

Trials vary greatly.  There are 60-day, 30-day, 14-day and 7-day trials.  There are trials that require a credit card (and billing will begin automatically at the end of the trial) and trials that have no credit card requirement.  There are trials that offer a premium for starting the trial or for making the purchase. And trials that do not use premiums in any way.

Trials don’t work for everyone, but they do work for many.

Combine your mailer with your landing page

Today, thanks to the evolution of the landing page, we have more flexibility in how we deliver an order generation message.  Now we are able to deliver a significant portion of our message in our landing page which in this case would be known as a sales page.

Our creative services package

  1. Review sales needs and sales resources
  2. Review details of the order form
  3. Select appropriate mailer format
  4. Develop primary and secondary messages for target audience
  5. Create initial design with headlines
  6. Write complete copy
  7. Revise copy and layout
  8. Deliver finished art to client or printer

We also offer ..

  1. List research and list acquisition
  2. Printing, personalization and mailing services
  3. Landing page creation and hosting
  4. Automated drip email series for follow up


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