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Direct Mail Price Guide

Here’s everything you need to plan your next direct mail project.

In this Guide, you’ll find complete all-in campaign pricing for four of our most popular direct mail formats –

  • a 6×11 postcard
  • a letter package
  • a survey mailer
  • a folded self-mailer

You’ll also find pricing for our consulting/coaching and creative services.


Google Advertising Price Guide

Let us help you get found online with Google Advertising.

In this Guide, we provide everything you need to get started with

  • Google Paid Search
  • Google Display (Banner) Advertising
  • Google Remarketing (Retargeting)


Email Marketing Price Guide

We use and recommend Constant Contact for our email marketing programs.

In this Guide, we provide complete pricing for using Constant Contact for creating:

  • drip email campaigns
  • email newsletters
  • marketing surveys


Freelance Copywriting Price Guide

writing and design

We started out as freelance copywriters – and we’re still at it.

In this Guide, we provide pricing for a wide range of freelance writing assignments.




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