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Direct Mail for Lead Generation, Direct Selling & Retail Traffic

Direct Mail

Direct mail is still one of the most effective ways for marketers to reach their target audience.

Even with the rapid growth of online marketing, direct mail remains a very popular channel for many businesses and non-profits.

We develop, create and implement full-service direct mail campaign for clients looking to generate sales leads, direct sales and retail traffic.  

For non-profits, we use direct mail for fundraising.

How We Work

All direct mail campaigns start with an understanding of the objective.  Is the goal to generate sales leads, direct orders, subscriptions, memberships, store traffic at retail outlets or donations?  This will dictate many elements within the campaign.

Mailing Lists.  By all measures, this is the most important factor in any direct mail.  Who are you trying to reach?  What does the customer profile look like and where can we find people to match that profile?  This may involve list building or list acquisition from outside list owners.

Offer.  The offer will dictated the quantity and quality of the response.  The offer will identify both the interest level and the commitment level of the responding prospects.  We will work with you to find a suitable offer from within your company, but we may also recommend creating a new offer.

Format. Direct mail comes in many different mailer formats – letter packages, self-mailers, postcards, catalogs, long-form letter/brochure packages.  Your objective and audience will dictate what mailer to use.

Creative.  The creative process starts with an understanding of the message.  We will work with you to develop a compelling and pain-based persuasive message; and then will write and design your mailer following that message.

Response Channels.  We always recommend giving your audience multiple methods of response – by reply mail, by phone, by website or landing page.  The more options the better.

Print/Mail Supervision.  We will supervise the entire production process that includes printing of all elements, addressing and personalization, inserting, mail processing and delivery to the post office.

Testing.  Depending on quantities, we always try to include a testing element in every mailing.  This will help you improve the overall effectiveness of your direct mail over time.

Results.  We will review your results and recommend areas of adjustment.

Our Pricing

We offer two levels of service – (1) Premium Direct Mail and (2) Custom Direct Mail.

Premium Direct Mail is our most comprehensive service that includes a wide range of planning, creative and production services.

Custom Direct Mail is a full-service program developed for four (4) common direct mail formats – a letter package, an oversized postcard, a folded self-mailer and a survey mailer.

Premium Direct Mail

Services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Mailing List Research/Acquisition
  • Offer Strategy/Development
  • Unlimited Format Choices
  • Testing Strategy
  • Message Platform Development
  • Concept Creation
  • Creative Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Print/Mail Production
  • Personalization
  • Landing Pages/PURLs
  • Response Analysis

Fees – for Strategy, Creative and Project Management – $4,000-$8000
Plus Production Costs – Quoted (optional)
If you prefer to handle production yourself, we will deliver final art to your selected printer.

Custom Direct Mail

Complete all-in-one pricing for:

  • Letter Package – includes a #10 window envelope, a 1 or 2-page letter and business reply card. Reply card is personalized.
  • Oversized Postcard – 6×11 postcard is the largest size available for basic (letter rate) postage.  Custom designed and printed in full color.  Personalized on one side of the postcard.
  • Folded Self-Mailer – folded self-mailer is a one-piece format that includes three panels plus a business reply card.  Measures 6×28 inches, folding down to a 6×9 mailer.
  • Survey Mailer – includes a #10 window envelope, a 1-page/2-sided survey and #9 business reply envelope. Survey is personalized.

Pricing includes mailing lists, graphic design, print/mail services, personalization and postage (standard mail)

Fees – $750 – $1,500 (only available with Production)
Production Costs – see below

qty-> 2500 5,000 10,000 20,000
Letter Package $3,912 $5,590 $8,942 $15,680
6×11 Postcard $3,370 $4,911 $7,546 $14.346
Folded Self-Mailer $5,022 $6,880 $10,656 $18,150
Survey Mailer $3,912 $5,590 $8,942 $15,680

Direct Mail Consulting & Coaching Services

For those who create and manage their own campaigns, but may need direct marketing advice, we offer two advisory services: Direct Mail Consulting and Direct Mail Coaching.

Consulting is a focused project that may take a few weeks or a few months to complete.

Coaching is an ongoing engagement to provide continual advice on a range of direct mail challenges.

Consulting Fees – Call for Quote – starts at $3,000
Coaching Fees – starts at $500/month – 6 month minimum

Let’s Discuss

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