Pricing for Integrated Marketing Programs

Pricing for Integrated Marketing Programs

An integrated marketing program doesn’t lend itself to individual campaign pricing.

By definition, integrated marketing a collection of marketing activities that all work together to support a specific marketing goal.

For example, it may include:

  • a direct mail campaign to generate leads
  • an email campaign to generate leads
  • a newspaper or magazine ad campaign to generate leads
  • an online ad campaign to generate leads
  • a Google Adwords campaign to generate leads
  • a remarketing campaign to re-promote yourself to visitors to your website
  • a trade show promotion to promote floor traffic and capture more leads
  • a lead capture strategy to generate more leads from speaking and writing engagements
  • website modifications designed to increase traffic and capture more leads
  • a content marketing plan to increase organic traffic for selected keyword phrases
  • multiple landing pages to track response from each lead source
  • a lead qualification questionnaire
  • a series of introductory lead nurturing emails
  • a monthly email newsletter

We can help you with these activities on an individual basis (see project-based pricing) or we work with you on a month-to-month basis to deliver a fully integrated program.


Fees and commitment

Our integrated marketing programs are best handled on an ongoing month-to-month basis. (If you are interested in project-based work, see our Services tab.)

Monthly Fee Commitment Total Cost Meetings/Month Phone Calls & Email/Month
$1,500 12 months $18,000 1 Unlimited
$2,500 6 months $15,000 2 Unlimited
$5,000 3 months $15,000 4 Unlimited

The fees above cover strategic planning, creative direction, copywriting and project supervision.

Fees for graphic design, web design, website hosting or development, email hosting and distribution, printing, mailing, postage and media will be estimated and billed separately.

At end of contract, work will continue “at will” unless either party chooses to terminate or modify the arrangement.


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