Marketing Services Overview and Pricing
for Kitchen & Bath Businesses

How we work with you

We’ve developed a marketing program that we believe is the perfect solution for a small business than cannot afford their own marketing director.

We call this our Marketing Advisor service.

As part of this service, we provide you with the guidance and advice you need to build your marketing program and provide your business with a steady flow of new business leads.

Marketing Advisor Services is a month-to-month marketing relationship that provides you with ongoing strategic planning, program supervision and coaching.  Our services include up to two 60-minute Zoom calls per month and unlimited calls/emails as needed.  We will work you and your staff to plan, create and implement a wide range of marketing activities.  This includes both online (digital) marketing as well as offline (direct mail and print) marketing.

  • Foundation Services
    • Google My Business/Google Maps/Customer Reviews
    • Google Banner Ads
    • Retargeting Ads
    • Lead Magnet Licensing
    • Targeted Direct Mail Supervision
    • New Homeowner Direct Mail Supervision
    • Print Ads & Inserts
    • Referral Marketing
  • Pipeline Services
    • Introductory Drip Emails
    • Ongoing Evergreen Emails
    • Holiday Emails
    • Seasonal Reminder Emails
    • Seasonal Event/Sale Emails
    • Reminder Postcard Mailings
  •  Campaigns & Projects
    • Google Search Ad Campaigns
    • Facebook Paid Ad Campaigns
    • Social Media Posting Campaigns
    • Website Development/Editing/Expansion

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