Project – Interviews

Customer Testimonials

What’s Involved? 

Customer Interviews are powerful credibility builders.  Stronger than a mere testimonial, a customer interview provides a longer form of endorsement.

When completed, the interviews can be posted on your website, enclosed in your direct mail packages or added to your collateral.

Interviews can also be conducted with your company CEO, senior executives or staff.


Project Details

Customer interviews can be conducted in person or by phone.

All interviews are recorded and later reviewed by the customer for editing.

The interview subject will get a list of questions in advance and will have ample opportunity to edit later.

Our Approach

There are two steps to this process:

Step 1 – The Interview.  In advance of the interview, a list of questions is prepared and sent to the interview subject for review and preparation.

We will then schedule the interview for an in-person or telephone interview.   In-person interviews are preferred but not always practical.

Interviews that conducted for print may require less time than an interview for audio or video use.   That’s because we may need to ask the same question several times to get a response this usable.

Step 2 – The Production.  After the interview is completed, it can take several directions.

We can transcribe the text and produce a Q&A interview in printed form.  This can range one to four pages or more – and can include photos, logos and other artwork.    We will edit the copy to fit the format.

We can also produce an audio interview or video interview using selected excerpts.

Call for a Quote

For a quick, over-the-phone quote or a formal estimate, call Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643.