Project – Offer Strategy

Offer Strategy & Development


Understanding the power of the Offer

The Offer is an absolute critical part of the Creative Process and the most important element in driving response.  The Offer has the power to determine both response quantity and response quality.

Make it a priority

The Offer should be one of the first items you consider when planning a direct mail campaign, but too often, it is treated as an afterthought.  Too many campaigns suffer as a result.

If this is a new program, we may want to develop two offers (or two variations of one offer) so that we can see which offers are going to produce the better results.

If you already have an Offer with a track record of results, we can recommend new offers (or modified offers) designed to improve response quantity or better quality.

Keep in mind that your results will need to consider both your response rate and conversion rate. 

Types of Offers

Lead Generation Offers
Offers designed to generate leads tend to be whitepapers, e-books and other how-to information.  In addition to helping you select an offer, we can help you create the offer – meaning we can provide the copy, design and editing services you may need to get your offer developed. 

If the Offer requires technical knowledge unique to your business, we will rely on your technical staff to help in the development process. 

Order Generation Offers
Offers designed to generate orders begin with price which may or may not have any flexibility. 

But we can also recommend other components of the Offer to help improve response.  This could include product segmentation, price presentation, installments, premiums, ordering process, payment options and shipping options.

Order Generation Offers need to consider whether the campaign is a new customer acquisition program or a repeat order/renewal program. 

For all Offers, we will recommend a process for measuring and evaluating their impact on your mailings.


Our Approach

This consulting assignment has several phases:

1.  Review existing offers and related response rates

2. Recommend modifications to existing offers

3.  Develop ideas for new offers and variations

4.  Recommend implementation process