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Direct Mail Self-Mailers
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McCarthy & King Marketing is a Boston (Massachusetts) area direct marketing ad agency that creates and produces direct mail self-mailers and other direct response promotions.


Types of Direct Mail Self-Mailers

By definition, a self-mailer is any direct mail that is mailed without an outer envelope.  Self-mailers range in sizes and formats:

  • postcards (multiple sizes)
  • single fold self-mailers
  • double fold self-mailers
  • triple fold self-mailers
  • multiple-page booklets

What’s Involved?

Self-mailers are often selected because of their relatively low production costs.  By definition, a self-mailer is mailed on its own without an envelope.   This means it is printed and mailed as once piece (instead of multiple pieces in a direct mail package) which saves on printing and mail inserting costs.

Self-mailers are also selected because they are more likely to be passed around the office or the home.  Personalized letter packages are almost never opened and read by anyone but the addressee.  But because self-mailers look less personal, business colleagues and family members are not uncomfortable with looking at someone else’s mail.   This pass-along effect can increase readership and response.

Finally, many people choose self-mailers because they seem to offer more creative opportunities – with more photos and more graphics.

Project Details

Self-mailers range from a simple one-fold, two-fold or three-fold piece (in multiple sizes) to a more complex multi-page booklet.

The simple self-mailers are most often used for lead generation or retail traffic building applications.  Multi-page booklet format are used for product catalogs, conference mailings and seminars in which a longer message is required.

The first question to ask in planning a self-mailer is how much space will we need to create this mailer and accomplish our objective.

Lead generation mailers require less space than direct selling (mail order) mailers.   Familiar and simple products require less space than new and complex products.

Direct Mail Strategic Planning Services

  • Mailing list research/database development
  • Offer strategy and development
  • Format selection
  • Testing strategy
  • Personalization planning
  • Response channel planning
  • Sales process/distribution channel integration
  • Budget development
  • Back-end (post-response) planning
  • Response analysis and adjustment

Direct Mail Production Services

  • List acquisition
  • Data processing/merge-purge
  • Printing
  • Lettershop and mailing services
  • Personalization
  • Reply mail processing
  • Landing page creation
  • 800 number selection

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