Projects – Direct Mail Packages

Direct Mail Packages
and Campaigns


McCarthy & King Marketing is a Boston (Massachusetts) area direct marketing ad agency specializing in the creation and production of direct mail packages and campaigns.


Types of Direct Mail Packages

  • #10 package
  • 6×9 package
  • 6×11 package
  • 9×12 package
  • invitation package
  • special format package
  • dimensional package


Direct Mail Package Components

Essential components

  • outer envelope
  • letter
  • reply device

Optional components

  • brochure
  • sell sheet
  • lift note
  • price list
  • premium sheet
  • testimonial sheet


Direct Mail Personalization

Personalization is a key consideration that could impact response for any direct mail promotion.

Every package needs some level of personalization just to get delivered, but much of direct mail today involves personalizing multiple components within the package.

Digital printing and variable data printing (VDP) has given direct marketers some very useful tools to personalize at a much higher level.

But beyond technology, true personalization is only achieved when you can deliver relevant information to your target audience.


Direct Mail Strategic Planning Services

  • Mailing list research/database development
  • Offer strategy and development
  • Format selection
  • Testing strategy
  • Personalization planning
  • Response channel planning
  • Sales process/distribution channel integration
  • Budget development
  • Back-end (post-response) planning
  • Response analysis and adjustment

Direct Mail Production Services

  • List acquisition
  • Data processing/merge-purge
  • Printing
  • Lettershop and mailing services
  • Personalization
  • Reply mail processing
  • Landing page creation
  • 800 number selection


For an estimate, call Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643.