Projects – Email Series

Email Campaigns


We create and produce email marketing campaigns targeting a client’s own opt-in email mailing lists.  
While we use and recommend Constant Contact as a preferred email service provider, we can work with any system a client may already have in place.  
Email applications 

Email is best used for: 

  • lead follow-up
  • lead nurturing
  • direct selling
  • repeat sales
  • upselling and cross-selling
  • customer communications

Email is also used for lead generation using outside email lists.  To avoid a “spam” reputation, great care needs to be taken in list selection.    

Email newsletters 

One of the most common marketing uses of email is the email newsletter (also known as an e-newsletter or ezine). 

An email newsletter is a powerful way to convey your expertise, help prospects and clients and keep your name front and center. 

We can help you set up, design, write and edit your newsletter.   

See Email Newsletters

Email “drip” campaigns  

An email “drip” campaign is a series of emails that run on autopilot.  

This ensures that every lead gets your full series of emails and that no lead will fall through the cracks. 

We can create an email “drip” campaign for you and schedule delivery according to your wishes. 

Our Approach   

With each new campaign, we would look at your entire message and find logical ways to break up the message into smaller pieces.   

Because email is so inexpensive, it is often better to reach your prospect with multiple messages over time instead of a single message at one time.   

Once we have established the individual messages, we would then create each email to build the series. 
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