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Email Marketing System Setup


Let us help you make email a pivotal part of your marketing mix

Because of its low cost and one-on-one targeting, email is the best vehicle today for staying in touch with incoming leads and current customers.  

While it should never be the only method of communicating to your House List, it can be the most frequent.  A quick email to your prospects reminding them of an important event or keeping them informed of a new product is a very cost-effective marketing “touch.” 

Ideally, you should be staying in touch with your prospects and customers at least once a month, preferably twice a month.  Weekly emails are also appropriate for many marketing efforts. 

But you need a system that works quickly and without much effort.  

We can help you build an email marketing system for your business or organization.  
Just give us the word and we will: 

  • Create an online account for your business for easy access from any computer
  • Organize a mailing list structure for each of your list categories
  • Create a signup box on your website to capture new leads
  • Provide a method for capturing more information about each prospect
  • Develop a follow-up introductory email letter for all new signups
  • Develop a series of introductory email letters to inform all of your current prospects and customers of your email communications program
  • Create a series of email templates for your most common email applications
  • Train you or your staff in using the system to create your own emails and surveys

To learn more …
Contact Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643