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Websites & Web pages

We create and produce complete websites and individual web pages with an eye for both your human readers and the search engines.   

What’s Involved?

So much of an organization’s marketing program starts and ends with its website.  It is the centerpiece, the focal point, of many marketing activities.  

One of the major challenges of a website is keeping it up to date with timely, relevant information.  

We can put together a full web team for you that consists of a web designer, a copywriter and a web specialist.  We can also host your website (although it’s not required) and manage all the technical aspects needed to keep things working smoothly. 

You can use our whole team or, if you want to handle some aspects of the work yourself, you can use just part of the team.  

Our Approach

If you need a new website … 

Phase 1 – We begin by developing several web designs for your consideration.  We typically produce three designs and you would select one.  (In reality, clients often like aspects of each version and we try to develop a new design with all of those desired features.) 

At the same time we are producing the designs, we are also exploring different ways to organize the site into practical and navigational categories.  Sometimes this is very obvious and sometimes this requires a lot of thought and discussion. 

As part of this process, we will also consider the organization of keyword phrases so that each page can be optimized for the search engines. 

Phase 2 – Once we have the web design and page categories nailed down, we can begin to develop the text.  Even if we are asked to write all pages entirely from scratch, we will depend a great deal on you and your staff for input, editing and approvals.  Copy will be written, first for content and clarity, and second, for SEO. 

Typically we would prepare headlines and subheads first for your approval before we write the full text. 

With the text approved, we will then layout each page individually again for your review and approval. 

Once approved, we will review the administrative area for each page to maximize the SEO potential of the page.  

If you need a web page …

With web pages, we are usually working with an existing site.  The web design would remain in place.  All we are being asked to do is to rewrite an existing page or write a brand new page. 

Call for a Quote

For a quick, over-the-phone quote or a formal estimate, call Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643.