Projects – Email 

Email is one of the most powerful marketing tools today – with its precise targeting, personalization and low cost.

But for all of its advantages, it is far from perfect.  The shear volume of emails we all get every day makes them difficult to stand out in the crowd.  Moreover, only a small percentage of your emails actually get through to the target prospects.  Even fewer get opened.

But email remains an important part of your marketing mix.

Email’s most effective role is with lead follow up and lead nurturing.  We use email to cultivate a relationship with people who have opted into our email list – either by subscribing to our email list or by downloading a free offer.

The fact that these prospect have opted in (volunteered) makes them more likely to open your future emails.

On the other hand, some marketers use email for cold contact introductions to a third party list.  Because cold email goes to prospects who are not expecting, deliverability can be a problem.

Types of Email Projects

Content Email – information-based email designed to educate your reader and build your reputation as an industry expert These tend to be longer emails of 800 to 2000 words, but can be shorter as well.

Introductory Drip Email – for new subscribers who just joined your list, we recommend introductory drip emails.  These are generally shorter emails that provide preliminary information about your company, product or service and what to expect down the road.

Sales Email Series – whether you’re promoting an event, or selling a product or service, it’s best to use a series of emails over a pre-arranged schedule.

Email Newsletters – newsletters (both print and email) remain a popular way to present yourself as an industry expert.  To be successful, you need to make a commitment to publish regularly – ideally once a month.  Newsletters have to be a long.  They can be a single article.

Cold Email – to generate leads through cold email, it’s best to create a series of short, focused emails.  Emails should focus on different challenges the target audience if facing with a simple call to action.

Related Services

Landing Pages – most email campaigns will have a call to action that should take the prospect to a landing page – to download a free guide, schedule an appointment, request a strategy session.

We can help you create and host your landing page.