Projects – Lead Magnets


If you’re not familiar with the term, a lead magnet is an informational document or tool that is used to incentivize response for a lead generation campaign.

Here are some common examples of lead magnets:

  • a white paper
  • an ebook
  • a how-to guide
  • a research report
  • a tip sheet
  • a Q&A brochure
  • a calculator
  • a worksheet
  • an illustrated graphic

How We Can Help

We’ve been creating lead magnets for different clients for many years.

We can help you plan, create, produce, implement test lead magnets for your direct mail, email or online marketing campaigns.

Plan – what type of lead magnet would work for your company and your sales process?  What type of lead magnet would your target audience respond to?  What type of lead magnet can you afford?  We can help you answer these questions.

Create – with your parameters in place, the lead magnet needs to be organized and created.  Usually this means research, writing and design.  Our creative team will organize the lead magnet, handle all research (including meeting with your own subject matter experts), then provide complete copywriting and graphic design services. We will be looking for your feedback and approvals throughout the process.

Produce – for the most part, your lead magnet will be converted into a pdf and accessed as a download.  But in some cases you may want to have some printed copies to be used for physical distribution.  We can help you with print production.

Implement – how you use your lead magnet may vary with the type of campaign.  In some cases, you may want to use the lead magnet as part of the front-end promotion.  in other cases, you may not mention the lead magnet until they get to your landing page.  We can help use your lead magnet in any way you want.

Test – in the end, you will want to test your lead magnet to be sure it is producing the level of response you need.  One way to do that is to test this lead magnet with another lead magnet or another to call to action.  A simple but effective test would be to create two different titles of the same lead magnet, then test to see which one pulls more response.

Lead Magnets on your Website too

You may think of using a lead magnet as part of marketing campaign, but it can also be used on your website to capture leads from visitors to your website.

As more and more visitors come to your website, you want to give them a reason to join your list and leave their contact information.

A lead magnet – actually several lead magnets – can help with that effort.