Projects – Press Releases & Media Kits

Public relations isn’t our primary focus, but we had some early experience in PR and can help you develop materials you may need to generate free publicity from the press.

With that experience, we can help you with

Press Releases – you can’t beat free publicity.  If you have any news to promote – a new product or service, a new location, a recent award, a new employee – you owe it to yourself to get the word out.  A simple press release, short or long, will let the appropriate media outlets know which in turn will let your target audience know.

We can help you write, produce and distribute your press releases.

Media Kits – sometimes a press release isn’t enough.  A media kit will provide reporters and editors with everything they need to write a complete story about your business.  A media, whether in print form or as a series of pdfs, will often include multiple inserts – a main press release, an overview of your business, product/service features, a Q&A, key personnel, annual report and photos.

Media kits can be sent directly to the media or they can be placed on your website as a download.

To be sure, effective public relations requires more than just a press release or a media kit, but this is a start – and we can help you with both.