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‘Every Door Direct Mail’ Retail Flyer

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In 2011, the US Postal Service introduced Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) as way of making direct mail easier and more affordable for the local business owner.

With reduced postage and a simplified mailing process, an EDDM retail flyer is an excellent choice for local restaurants, retail stores and other local businesses whose customer base is primarily local residents or businesses.

With EDDM, you can mail to just the neighborhoods closest to your location.  You simply

  • select the so-called Carrier Routes for your neighborhood
  • print the right quantity as indicated by the Carrier Routes
  • add some paperwork
  • deliver to your local post office
  • and your mailer is delivered

What makes EDDM different?

There are three advantages to EDDM over regular direct mail – simplicity, cost and mailer size.

1. Simplicity – EDDM can be mailed without a list and without any addressing.  The post office will mail to every household and/or every business along your selected carrier routes.

2. Cost – Because there is no list or addressing needed, your costs will be lower.  Postage is also at the very lowest price for any commercial mail, but it is very similar to what you would pay for so-called Saturation Mail – which like EDDM reaches every address in a carrier’s route.

Mailing size- The size of an EDDM mailer is also worth noting.  For all other mail, the basic letter rate applies to pieces up to 6-1/8x 11-1/2 inches.  Anything over that (from the either side) and your mailer becomes a “flat” which can nearly double the postage.

With EDDM, you must mail the larger flat.  It’s required – which is ironic given its reduced postage.  Mailers must be larger than 6-1/8×11.5 inches but no larger than 12×15 inches.

Retail promotions need urgency

The most successful retail promotions are those with a limited time opportunity.   Discounts on their own are not enough to generate meaningful traffic.  What you need are discounts with an obvious deadline.

Events are good because they have a built-in deadline.  End of year, post-holiday and other clearance sales work before they also have an understood deadline (that the good stuff will go first).


Every Door Direct Mail is not personalized in any way.  A generic indicia is placed in the postal area of the mailer with no name or address needed.  When they are given to a postal carrier, the carrier knows to distribute the flyer to every household and/or business location on the carrier route.

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