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McCarthy & King Marketing is a Boston (Massachusetts) area direct marketing ad agency that writes and produces sales letters for lead generation prospecting, lead nurturing, up-selling, cross-selling and many other applications.

Letters are written as solo assignments, as a series of letters or as part of a larger direct mail project.


Sales letters – whether delivered by direct mail or email – have been a traditional marketing tool for business.

Written for all types of applications, the sales letter serves as your corporate voice – and, as such, needs to be crafted carefully and professionally.


Direct Order Sales Letters
Direct order sales letters are the most challenging of all sales letters because their objective is to get people to buy something.  These letters often run two pages or more in length.

Lead Generation Prospecting Letters
Lead generation prospecting letters are developed for the very specific purpose of delivering leads to a sales force.  These letters typically run 1-2 pages in length and should always include a reply device.

Fulfillment Sales Letters
Fulfillment sales letters are essentially cover letters that go with fulfillment package containing information that was requested by the prospect.

Pre-Call Prospecting Letters
Pre-call prospecting letters are used to introduce the company and sales rep prior to an initial phone call.   These letters – which are often accompanied by a brochure – will provide the prospect with useful background information in advance of the call.

Post-Call Letters
Post-call letters are often seen as a thank you follow-up letter but they can also include some very specific information reviewing the key points of the phone call.

Lead Nurturing Letters
Lead nurturing letters help to keep your name in front of prospects and further engage them with more information about your company.  Lead nurturing letters are most effectively developed as a series of letters.

Up-Selling Sales Letters
Up-selling sales letters are sent to new customers with an opportunity to upgrade to a larger purchase.

Cross-Selling Sales Letters
Cross-selling sales letters are sent to current customers promoting additional product purchases that may be associated with the first purchase.

Renewal Sales Letters
Renewal sales letters are sent to current customers in anticipation of an expiration of a current contract.  Renewal letters are often developed as a series of letters leading up to the expiration date.

Reactivation Sales Letters
Reactivation sales letters are sent to lapsed customers who have not renewed or not made a repeat purchase in some time.  Reactivation letters are often prepared as part of a series.

Fundraising Donor Acquisition Letters
Fundraising donor acquisition letters are first-time letters to prospective donors.  These typically run 1-2 pages and should include a donor form.

Fundraising Donor Renewal Letters
Fundraising donor renewal letters are used to target current donors and are often personalized and versioned to match the donor’s previous giving history.

Thank You Letters
Thank you letters are a much overlooked, but very powerful marketing tool.   A “thank you” goes a long way.


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