Service Engagements

Working with McCarthy & King Marketing – engagement options

McCarthy & King Marketing offers flexiblile working arrangements with two types of service engagements – monthly Programs and individual Projects.

Programs vs. Projects

Clients always have a choice of Programs or Projects.

Programs are best suited for continuing work involving multiple marketing activities.  Commitment is a fixed cost per month.

Projects are a good way to get started and get acquainted.  Commitment is limited to the time and cost of the project.

See details below.


For clients who can benefit from our strategic advice and counsel – and/or have an ongoing need to develop new marketing projects, our monthly Program is probably the best approach.

With Programs, we work directly with you to provide a range of services that can include program strategy, creative/copywriting and implementation.  We effectively become part of your marketing team – or, in some cases, serve as your marketing director.

In addition to our direct service, you will have access to our team of service providers – for graphic design, website development, email design, social media planning, photography, video and more.  These professionals will be available on an as-needed basis (and their work will be billed separately).   We will also make available our vendor network for mailing lists, printing, mailing, email and web hosting.

The monthly fee is based on an agreed-up hourly commitment and covers all time related to the client’s needs.   This is a fixed payment even if hours exceed the time commitment from time to time. We assume hours will balance out in the long run.

Monthly Programs have a six-month minimum commitment.  Once the six months are finished, the engagement will continue on a month-to-month basis that can be cancelled or modified at any time with a 30-day notification.

Engagements are available for 10 hours, 25 hours and 50 hours per month.



Projects are individual, highly focused engagements with very well defined specifications, expectations and costs.

Projects can be large or small assignments and often involve multiple tactics. (For example, a direct mail campaign may also include a website landing page and a automated lead nurturing email series.)

Projects give clients a chance to try our services without making a major commitment.    Clients may use our services for multiple projects (although at some point, it makes more sense to move to a Program).

Every project starts with an objective and expectation.  This can be accomplished with a phone call or a face-to-face meeting.  Once we both agree on what needs to be accomplished and what is a reasonable expectation, we develop a proposal for action that includes a description of the project, a list of services needed to complete the project, an overview of costs and a timetable.

Cost estimates are fixed unless specifications change.

For a list of projects, visit our Miscellaneous Marketing Projects page.  If you have a project in mind that doesn’t appear on our list, we are happy to develop a proposal for you.