Email Marketing – copy, design, execution

One way or another, email needs to be part of your marketing plan.

Since its emergence, email has been a real game-changer allowing marketers to reach their target audiences more quickly and affordably than ever before.

Email can work as a standalone channel but is best used as part of an integrated system that may include a lead generation component and a landing page for response handling.

Email can be used in multiple ways:

  • to communicate with customers through a company or product newsletter
  • to nurture recently acquired leads with a drip email sequence
  • to sell products directly to opt-in prospects
  • to cross-sell, up-sell and re-sell to existing customers
  • to promote retail sales and upcoming events
  • to stay in touch with current donors and reactivate lapsed donors
  • to prospect for B2B leads through marketing automation and account-based marketing

It all starts with your list

Even if you’re never used email marketing before, chances are you can pull together a list of people who should get your emails.

  • Customers (past and present)
  • Prospects (past and present)
  • People who received a proposal or estimate but never bought
  • People who have called you or met with you, but never bought
  • People you’ve met a networking meetings and/or trade shows
  • Vendors and/or Media

This is a good starting place because even if many of these people are unlikely to buy from you now, you’re getting your name out and this could lead to referrals down the road.

Once you have that core list in place, it’s time to develop strategies for building on that list over time.  Here are some of the things to do:

  • Create a list signup form on your website
  • Incentivize signups with a free guide or tool
  • Ask your sales team to provide you with a list of their prospects (past and present)
  • Add an email signup to everyone’s email signature
  • Ask for an email address from everyone who calls your office
  • If you have a retail store, add a signup form to your counter
  • Use various marketing campaigns to generate new leads

As more names come to you through all of the above methods, you can add them to your email list and include them in all your email campaigns.

Creating Email – as a practical matter

One of the worries many companies have about the email is whether they have the resources to create new emails on a regular basis.  It seems like a major commitment.

But it doesn’t have to be. 

You can create a series of emails that can be repeated over time. 

  • Make a list of key topics related to your business.
  • Create separate emails on each topic.
  • Maintain a consistent “look and feel” with all your emails
  • Schedule your emails ahead of time – plan for 12 months
  • Recommend at least one email per month – but preferably 2-4 emails per month

You can still create new and timely emails as the need arises, and add them to the schedule, but your other emails will keep running on schedule without your involvement.


  • Drip Email Sequences
  • Reminder Emails
  • Email Newsletters
  • Event Promotion Emails
  • Prospecting Emails
  • Lead Nurturing Emails
  • Content-Focused Emails
  • Announcement Emails
  • Event Promotion Emails
  • Sales-Focused Emails
  • Cross-Selling Emails
  • Up-Selling Emails
  • Renewal Emails
  • Reactivation Emails
  • Post-Sale Emails
  • Survey Emails

Our Services

We can help you with your email marketing in several ways:

Email Communications Plan
Email can serve many purposes and is able to fit in at many different stages in your sales process. We can develop a long-term email communications plan to guide you in your messaging and scheduling for new leads, existing leads, lapsed leads, current customers lapsed customers.  We can also help you integrate your email plan with other marketing activities you have in place. Plans start at $895.

Email Writing
So much of your email campaigns boils down to actually writing the emails. You have introductory drip emails, triggered emails, transactional emails, promotional emails, prospecting emails, nurturing emails, sales emails – that can vary with each prospect, job title, industry and more. Writing fees are charged on a per-email basis.  Fees range from $250 to $800 per email depending on the type, length and complexity of the emails. 

Email Execution (using Constant Contact)
If you are using Constant Contact (or would like to), we can prepare, format and deploy your emails on an as-need or pre-scheduled basis.  If you are using marketing automation or another service provider, deployment would be your responsibility.Fees for managing your Constant Contact account start at $250 per month. You will pay Constant Contact directly for their services.

FREE Constant Contact Setup and Training
Need help with setting up your Constant Contact account?  If you agree to use our Email Writing and/or Email Execution services, we will set up your account, create your templates, organize your list segments and train your staff free of cost.  If you’d like to get started, call us and we’ll set up your FREE 60-day (or 100 emails) trial.

Landing Page Creation and Hosting
Email response is generally handled by a landing page that is linked from the email.  Landing pages (with a thank you page) can be hosted on your own website or through a third-party service. We can help you either way.  Fees for creating your landing page and thank you page start at $400.  Hosting fees would be paid directly to the service provider.

If you’d like to discuss an upcoming campaign – or if you’re looking for ways to improve an existing mailing program – call us and let’s schedule an introductory call.