Email Marketing – Automated, Evergreen, On-demand

One way or another, email needs to be part of your marketing plan.

Since coming onto the scene, email has been a real game-changer allowing marketers to reach their target audiences more quickly, more affordably and more personally than ever before.

Email can work as a standalone channel but is best used as part of an integrated system that may include a lead generation component and a landing page for response handling.

We offer our email services for opt-in email and, to a lesser extent, cold email for B2B prospecting.

Opt-In Email

As the name suggests, opt-in email is email that is sent to people who have opted in, or volunteered to be on your list.

This could mean people who have literally joined your list, but could include other people with whom you have some type of relationship – as customers, vendors, prospects, family and friends.  The most common opt-in audience are people who have visited your site and downloaded your free content.

Opt-in email is broadly accepted as a cost-effective method of lead nurturing – to stay in touch with leads as they pass through the sales process.

We offer several different types of opt-in emails

Drip Email

Drip email is a series of email messages sent out to a select audience on an automated schedule.  It is most often used as an introduction to newly acquired leads.  Several emails (usually 4-5) are created in advanced and pre-scheduled to go out to each prospect individually.

Evergreen Email

Evergreen email is email that can be repeated many times over an extended period.  We typically create 4-8 emails, each with a different message, and then schedule them out over several months. Evergreen email helps to keep your company top-of-mind even you don’t have anything new to announce.

On-Demand Email

On-demand email is any email that is created for an upcoming announcement, promotion, event, product launch or any other time-sensitive activity.  This can be a single email or a series of emails around a single message.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters provide a great way to show your knowledge and experience.  Your prospects and customers are looking for information they can use.  By providing an ongoing communication in the form of a newsletter, you will by building your reputation as an expert in your field.


Cold Email for B2B Prospecting

Cold email is used by B2B outbound sales people and sales teams to to generate leads and prepare leads for follow-up phone calls.

We use rented or purchased lists (or lists provided by the client) to reach your best prospects – and then we use proven direct response methodologies to generate a measurable response.

We can do a single email, but we recommend a sequence of cold emails sent out over a fixed time period.

Sometimes, cold email is used purely as a lead generation tool.  These are offer-driven emails meaning the focus of the email is to get the prospect to request a specific offer.  No other sales effort is made with the prospect unless a response is generated.

In other cases, cold email is used to warm up a lead before a phone is made.

List Building

The first step in any cold email campaign is in the creation of the list. We offer an online portal that allows you to build your own email list of B2B prospects.  You can select your list in bulk or you can cherry pick individuals by industry, company size, job function and location.

You can check it out here.

Email Surveys

Email surveys are an underused, but highly effective, strategy for lead generation.  We use cold email to invite prospects to take an online survey which asks questions that are important to your sales team.  We ask qualifying questions to gain insights into a prospect’s needs, desires and frustrations, and identify potential opportunities for future sales.

Offer-Driven Emails

Offer-driven emails utilize the core methodologies of direct response marketing.  We can develop a series of introductory emails around a single offer or multiple offers.  We would first need to identify existing offers and offers that need to be created.

Pre-Call Emails

If you are planning to call everyone on your list, we can prepare those leads in advance with a series of introductory emails.  We can create a sequence of integrated emails and phone calls to give you the best chance of connecting with potential leads.

If you’d like to discuss an upcoming campaign – or if you’re looking for ways to improve an existing mailing program – call us and let’s schedule an introductory call.