Marketing Funnels – From Inquiry to Close

Marketing funnels have become a new buzzword in marketing.

But they are more than just a buzzword. Marketing funnels serve as a useful metaphor to illustrate the pathway taken by prospects through the sales process..

Starting out at the wide top of the funnel, prospects follow a process that includes

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Qualification
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Engagement
  • Lead Conversion (to Customer)

Everyone uses a different type of funnel.  We use what we call a Lead Nurturing Funnel that actual begins AFTER the lead is captured.

We start by generating a lead – through outbound marketing (mail, email, phone, ads) or inbound marketing (SEO, website conversions).

Leads then go to a landing page (or some other dedicated page) for lead capture, and then the funnel begins.

Here are some of the activities involved in the Lead Nurturing Funnel

  • Qualifying Surveys – find out how serious your lead is
  • Drip Email – build your relationships with new leads with drip email – all on auto-pilot
  • Evergreen Email –  stay in touch over the long haul with a repeatable series of informational emails
  • Triggered Direct Mail – capture your prospect’s attention with a physical direct mail sent after particular action
  • Remarketing Ads – stay in touch with everyone visits your website with online advertising
  • Webinars/Demos/Presentations – create a dedicated Powerpoint presentation for each of your products or services
  • Case Studies – give your prospects some insight into how you work with case studies
  • Email Newsletters – show your knowledge and experience with a periodic email newsletter .


Our Services

The Lead Nurturing Funnel is customized to your business.  We can help you with two types of services 

  • Creative Services (copy and design) – for the surveys, the emails, the mailers, the ads, the presentations
  • Setup and Supervision – we will set up and manage all of the above elements on various platforms. 

You can choose one or both of the services.

Creative services are handled on a project-by-project basis.  Setup and supervision are handled on a month-to-month basis.

For an estimate, we would need to review which activities you want to undertake.

If you’d like to discuss an upcoming campaign – or if you’re looking for ways to improve an existing mailing program – call us and let’s schedule an introductory call.