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Let’s do a quick walk-through …

We put together this Blueprint (and flow chart below) to help you see the big picture of lead generation … and to illustrate how all these various marketing activities can fit together into one cohesive lead generation program. I don’t expect you will ever use every part of this Blueprint. You should use what makes sense for your business and your sales process.

But I think it’s important to understand your options:

Inbound Marketing – this is lead generation through search marketing – organic search, paid search and local search.

Outbound Marketing – this is lead generation through direct outreach by mail, email, phone, advertising and LinkedIn.

Lead Nurturing Funnel – this is where all your leads will go to be qualified, nurtured, engaged and closed.

Where should you start?

Easy answer. Start with the Lead Nurturing Funnel. Before you start generating new leads (from inbound, reputation or outbound), you want to have a lead nurturing process in place and ready to run.

Multi-Channel System

The Lead Nurturing Funnel is designed to keep you in touch of an extended period of time so you remain “top of mind” when the prospect is ready to buy. You don’t want any of those leads to fall through the cracks. Also, much of the funnel can be run on auto-pilot so it won’t require as much attention once you have all the pieces in place.

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