Services Summary

Services Summary


Programs are ongoing marketing programs that continue over several months or more.  This could include a series of direct mail or email campaigns, a month-to-month paid search or online advertising program or a combination of these marketing activities.


Campaigns are solo direct mail or email campaigns, or a combination direct mail and email campaign. Campaigns can also be enhanced with online advertising or retargeting advertising.


Content refers to informational marketing projects like articles, white papers, how-to booklets, ebooks, instructional guides, special reports, tip sheets and case studies.  These are most often developed as lead magnets for direct mail, email, landing pages and websites.

Creative (Copywriting & Graphic Design)

For clients interested in managing their own campaigns, we provide our creative services as a separate service.  Projects may include sales letters, direct mail packages, self-mailers, postcards, drip email sequences, email newsletters and website copy.


For clients looking for advice in direct response, online marketing and marketing in general, we offer a one-to-one coaching program.  Engagements range in length.