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Marketing Surveys


McCarthy & King Marketing is a Boston (Massachusetts) area direct marketing ad agency that creates both direct mail and on-line surveys for prospecting, market research, lead qualification and customer satisfaction.

As marketers, we spend a lot of time wondering what our customers and prospects are thinking about us, our products, our company and how they will respond to our marketing promotions.

One very simple way to get these answers is to ask … with a marketing survey.

Prospecting surveys
Prospecting surveys are typically used as part of a lead generation program.

Surveys are designed to collect specific information about individual prospects to provide the sales operation with key information about a prospects needs, goals and concerns.

Market research surveys
Market research surveys allow to gain insight into opinions, viewpoints and attitudes of your target market.

The information gathered is helpful in developing new markets, new products and new messaging.

Lead qualification surveys
Lead qualification surveys are used as part of the lead follow-up process to determine the sales-readiness of incoming leads.

Surveys are often designed to collect the usual BANT information (budget, authority, need, timing), but can also be adapted to your unique sales needs.

Customer satisfaction surveys
Customer satisfaction surveys help you identify problems before they become serious or chronic.

Customer satisfaction surveys allow you to become more pro-active and respond directly to your customers’ complaints or concerns.


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