Writing & Design – White Papers, Guides and Tip Sheets

White Papers, Guides and Tip Sheets

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Writing & Design Services

Our team of writers and graphic designers is ready to help you with your next creative assignment.

White Papers

For years, white papers have provided industry experts with an opportunity to share their knowledge and demonstrate their expertise.

As marketers, we use those same white papers (and other similar formats) to generate leads.  We call them lead magnets.

We can work with your subject matter experts to create white papers that will build both your industry reputation and lead flow.

If you’re able to write your own white paper, we can help with editing, formatting and design.

If you have the ideas but need help with the writing, we help you there too.


Or we an do the whole thing for you – with input from your company specialists.


Much like white papers, how-to guides and step-by-step guides provide your target audience with information they need.

By providing these guides, you are positioning your company as the expert in the industry.

We can work with your team to create a guide for your business.


Tip Sheets

Tip sheets are shorter versions of these so-called lead magnets.

They are usually created along the “numbered ways” format – such as 9 ways to improve your bookkeeping, or 7 myths of direct marketing, 13 common accounting mistakes.

We can work with you to develop ideas for your tip sheet; and then we can write it and design it for you.


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If you have a project in mind, let’s prepare an estimate for you.  You’ll need to provide some details about the project, your objective and some background on the product/service and your target audience.

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