Marketing CampaignsI have a problem with the concept of advertising campaigns, marketing campaigns, direct mail campaigns and the email marketing campaigns.

Ad campaigns typically involve a single ad or a series of ads that run over several weeks or several months. Direct mail and email marketing campaigns are usually a single mailing or a series of mailings scheduled over a fixed time period.

My problem is this: they are all scheduled to come to an end.

At some point, the advertising or marketing campaign is finished and then there is usually a wait-period of several weeks or several months (or even another year) before another campaign begins.

And to make things worse, the second campaign almost never looks anything like the first campaign.

Both the agency and the client always seem to be looking for something new, something fresh. Unfortunately, their audience – their customers and prospects – are more interested in continuity and consistency.

Think system, not campaign

In my view, advertising, direct mail and email need to be structured – and budgeted – not as individual campaigns but as a year-long activity.  It should be more of a system instead of a campaign – an ongoing system that runs all year long.

All ads, direct mail and email need to be seen as part of an integrated marketing and sales system that continually generates new leads and supports the sales effort.

Any interruption in this system is likely to interrupt sales.

Look at it this way: you expect your sales people to work throughout the year. Why don’t you expect the same from your advertising, direct mail and email?


Written by Bob McCarthy

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