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Writing and Design – creative, content, collateral

We started as writers and designers, and that’s still a big part of everything we do – from traditional print projects to websites and other online marketing assignments.  

Whether you need a direct mail package, an email newsletter, a series of blog posts, an ebook or a good old-fashioned brochure, we bring more than 30 years experience to your project.  


writing and design

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Writing and Design is a project-based service for creating all of your offline and online marketing, advertising and web-based materials.  Projects fall into three broad categories:

  • Creative for direct marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Content for websites, blogs, white papers and special reports
  • Collateral including brochures, information kits and sales sheets

While projects vary in complexity and scope, the work we do follows essentially the same process – from initial data gathering to final production.  All projects are estimated in advance based on the specifications.  Unless those specifications change, you should expect to be invoiced for the estimated amount.

We work with B2B, B2C and non-profits.

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The Writing and Design Process

As much as you’d like to get your project going, you need to step back for a moment to understand how this finished project will fit in your communications process.

If it’s a direct mail project, what is the objective?  To generate leads or direct orders?  If it’s a white paper, how will this white paper be used and where will you offer it?

Understanding the objective or goal is the first step in every writing-and-design project.   Now check out what else goes into the process:

  • Objective
  • Data Input and Research
  • Message Development
  • Concept Development (headlines and initial design)
  • Writing – complete
  • Layout – complete
  • Revisions
  • Delivery


Data Input and Research

Every project requires some level of data gathering. It could be as simple as getting input from the client and reading some background information.

In some cases, it may require some independent research or interviewing of specialists inside or outside the company.

For many projects, we recommend getting input and involvement from the sales team because ultimately, almost every project will impact the performance of your sales effort.


Message Development

Before anyone writes a word, there needs to be some agreement on the message.

This is accomplished by developing a message platform that outlines the key message points and prioritizes them for the target audience.

By bringing everyone together on the message platform, we can confidently move forward on the concepts.

Concept Development

Finally, this is where you start seeing something tangible.

For projects that require both writing and design, we begin by developing an initial design and layout (with headlines and subheads).  Often, we will prepare two concepts for review.

At this stage, you will have a clear picture of the direction of the project.

Writing and Design

With the concept approved and the message platform in place, our writing and design team will take your project to its completion.

For large or complex projects, we may submit the assignment in phases.


We know you’ll have revisions – maybe more than a few.  But we do not charge for revisions unless you decide to change the direction of the project.  We want you to be completely satisfied.


Writing and Design assignments are estimated in advance on a project basis.  To review our pricing for writing, download our Freelance Copywriting Services Information Kit & Price Guide.

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