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Drip Email Marketing – put your email messages on auto-pilot

Stay connected and build your case with a pre-scheduled series of email messages


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They say that when you finally generate a sales lead, you’re just getting started.

It’s very true because the vast majority of leads are not ready to buy when they first respond.

Sure, a small number could be on the fast track, but they are few and far between.

Depending on how you structure your initial lead generation campaign, most of your leads could be many months away from making a decision.

Too many leads fall through the cracks

It’s human nature.  If a lead is not ready buy – especially if there is no timetable for a decision – there is a tendency to put that lead on the back burner where it will almost certainly be forgotten.

Even the most attentive sales person will allows leads to fall through the cracks on occasion.

With drip email, you can stay connected with all your contacts on a consistent basis.  Nothing ever falls through the cracks – no matter how busy you get.

Set it up once – and you’re done

So many marketing activities require your constant attention.  This is especially true today with the whole movement toward content marketing.  If you are not continually producing content, you lose your place.

With drip marketing, you set up your emails once, then set your schedule and you’re done.

Yes, you can forget it about – and it will keep on running for you until you turn it off.  Of course, you can always edit it and add more emails at any time, but for the most part, it’s done.

But a word to the wise:  check it once in a while to make sure the messages are still relevant, accurate and timely.

Drip email builds your case over time

Most new sales leads aren’t ready to buy today.  And don’t try to make them buy on your schedule.

You need to stay in touch and build your case so that when they are ready to make a purchase, you’ve established yourself as an authority.

By sending out a series of messages with drip email, you will be able to solidify your relationships with your prospects over an extended period of time.

Drip email puts everyone on an individual schedule

With drip email, there are no mass email campaigns.  Every email campaign has an audience of one.

That’s because the email schedule is based on when a prospect joins your list or takes an action.  The email series is scheduled not on a particular date, but on the number of days after an action is taken:

  • Email 1 – 1 day after inquiry
  • Email 2 – 3 days after Email 1
  • Email 3 – 7 days after Email 2
  • And so on.

This effectively puts everyone on their own schedule.

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How drip email is used

The most common drip email campaigns are “new lead relationship-building”emails.  These begin with a Welcome email to your new prospects, followed by a series of emails that are designed to introduce our company and your products or services.

You might create a series of emails that focus on product applications, features or benefits.  Or you might create a series of case studies or customer interviews.  Or you can create a series of educational emails such as “10 lessons in 10 days.”

Drip email is also used as a follow-up to triggered events.  If a prospect downloads a particular report or registers for a webinar, a series of emails can be developed specifically around those actions.


Drip email works with most email service providers

Most of the major email services providers offer drip email (which is also known as an auto-responder service).  We use and recommend Constant Contact

If you are using an email service provider, we can help you create and set up your drip email campaign within your account.  Or we can create your campaign and hand it over to you for you to set up and schedule.

If you do not have an email service provider, we can get you set up.


Our drip email services

We can work with you in a variety of ways depending on your in-house capabilities.  Here’s a step-by-step overview of the process and our services:

  • Drip Email Message Planning
  • Email Design Template
  • Email Message Writing
  • Email Message Production
  • Drip Email Scheduling
  • Drip Email List Building


Let’s get started now!

If you’re interested in starting a drip email campaign, call Bob McCarthy and let’s discuss your options.

You don’t need to jump into a complete campaign immediately.  You can start with a short series of 4 or 5 emails, then add more emails over time.

But first, you’ll need an estimate.  Call Bob or send him an email at bob@mccarthyandking.com.