McCarthy & King Marketing – a direct response marketing agency

McCarthy & King Marketing is a direct response marketing agency providing complete direct mail marketing services as well as a full menu of digital marketing, or online marketing, services.

Services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Campaign/program supervision
  • Copywriting and graphic design
  • Production management
  • Direct response consulting

McCarthy & King has a long history in direct mail, but now also uses direct response methodologies in other media – including email marketing, survey marketing, website/content marketing and online marketing.

Founded in 1990, the firm works with a wide range of businesses (B2B and B2C) to develop direct response strategy and creative services in support of the lead and sales process.  MKM also works with non-profit organizations helping with fundraising and event marketing

McCarthy & King Marketing is based in Milford, Massachusetts – just 45 minutes from Boston (MA), Worcester (MA) and Providence (RI).

To schedule an introductory call, contact Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643 or 

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