Direct Mail Audit

Before you can fix a problem, you need to identify it.

If you have an existing direct mail program in place and you are looking for ways to improve your performance, a direct mail audit is a good place to start.

To request an audit or to discuss how an audit would work, call 508-473-8643.

What is a direct mail audit?

A direct mail audit is a detailed review of your direct mail program. It can be developed for your entire program or just those parts that you believe need help.

A direct mail program has many moving parts, all of which contribute in different ways and to different degrees to the success of your program.

Through your audit, we will look at every aspect of your program –

  • mailing lists
  • offers
  • formats
  • creative
  • production
  • budget
  • results
  • results tracking
  • landing pages
  • lead follow-up

It all starts with the numbers. How deep we go with our audit will depend on the data you’ve been able to compile.

Two types of audit recommendations

When we review your direct mail program, we will start developing recommendations for improvement. Those recommendations will come in two forms:

  1. Eyeball Recommendations. We will develop recommendations based on our own experience and understanding of what works in direct response. There will be some things that will seem obvious to us – and perhaps to you too once we explain it. If there is any doubt about these recommendations, we will recommend testing.
  2. Testing Recommendations. As part of the audit, we will also be identifying critical elements of your program that need to be tested. We will be focusing only on elements that we believe will have a significant impact on your response – and that changing that one element could produce a larger swing in response.

Scope of the audit

This will depend on you and your concerns as well as the data you can provide. If you have an overall concern about the program and can provide only initial response data, we may need to take a wider view of your program.

However, if you have a very specific area that you believe could be improved and we can isolate that area from the rest of the program, then the scope will be narrow.

Let’s start with a chat

If it looks like we can help you, let’s get acquainted. Just a brief chat would do – maybe 15 or 20 minutes. 

Click here to schedule a call (or Zoom meeting). Or call 508-473-8643 (M-F/9-5/Eastern).